Spiritual Warfare

Teaching Topics Available:
  1. Introduction to Spiritual Warfare  –  This introductory topic is 2 hours in length, and the discussion provides a broad orientation of Spiritual Warfare for those who possess little knowledge of this realm.  Topics include functions and operations of demonic spirits, the power of Ancestral Vows, Curses, Spells and Ties.  Offensive and defensive tools and strategies for Believers.
  2. Introduction to Last-day Warfare   –  This 6-hour teaching has been established to present an overview of the wisdom and understanding received as Ken and Sylvia have served the Lord for several decades.  Topics include learning of the deceptive schemes of Satan and how the powers of darkness are organized to kill/steal/destroy.  Based upon 45 years of observations, points of evidence are shared that indicate the “Last Days” are taking place in front of our eyes. Practical ways to overcome and obtain new freedom are taught.
  3. A Guide to Power & Ruler-ship   –   This presentation is 5 hours in length and is focused on teaching Believers how to exercise spiritual authority in these difficult times, how to build a strong remnant of warriors, to provide keys that open and shut doors, and God’s strategic plan to arm His Body to win the battles when the enemy attacks.
Victory Over Spiritual Conflict Seminar (VOSC)

Note: This seminar can be taught to everyone in person or purchased as a subscription on-line.

We find that few Christians have received in-depth instruction from the Bible about the strategies of Satan and the demonic realm so that they can withstand the powers of darkness. Attendees will learn what the Word of God clearly teaches regarding the enemy and his realm.

VOSC Seminar content:
  1.  Understanding our Foe
  2. Battlefronts of Conflict
  3. Demonization
  4. Deliverance Approaches
  5. Healing the Heart and Soul
  6. Tools to Win the War
This VOSC seminar is available online!  PURCHASE A SUBSCRIPTION to watch the content now.