Fortify Your Marriage

Stolen Treasures from the Garden

What treasures from the Garden??  The original design and promises of God that have been stolen from men, women, and God-ordained marriages!

Marriage and the family are being targeted by Satanic forces through people who hate God and are working to eliminate the beliefs and principles of the Bible.  God Almighty is calling His Church to rise up in the authority of Jesus Christ,  to receive His healing and fortification, and to overcome the evil dominion that is establishing laws contrary to the love of God.

Everyone is invited to attend this unique seminar that brings freedom and healing to husbands, wives and those wounded by divorce.  Comprised of several parts, the teaching will be presented to men and women, whether they are single or married.  Since the sections build one upon another, the seminar is best approached if it can be taught Friday night and all day Saturday, so that attendees can enjoy the full experience (8.5 hours of teaching and ministry).

The impact of the enemy’s schemes is presented to bring new insight and understanding, as well as to expose Satan’s subtle and divisive tactics to destroy relationships.  At strategic points in the teaching, powerful prayers will also be employed in order to remove and destroy demonic elements that have been affecting men and women negatively.  The power of the Holy Spirit provides lasting breakthrough and freedom from these discouraging bondages.  People will leave with their lives changed, and marriages will be healed and strengthened — all by the awesome power of God!

The requested minimum honorarium is $1000 USDwith a suggested registration fee of $50/person, $90/couple.

Seminar Topics Include:
  • What fell in the Garden of Eden?
  • Accepted in the Beloved
  • Exposing the Independent Spirit
  • Operation Restoration
  • How to Love in Spite of Yourself
  • How to Understand a Woman (?)
  • If Men Only Knew. . .(sigh)
  • Elements of Separation & division
  • Communication . . . or War?
  • Living in Victory!


  • Section 1: Accepted in the Beloved
  • Section 2: Exposing the Independent Spirit


  • Section 1: Operation Restoration
  • Section 2: How to Love Your Wife In Spite of Yourself

Ken and Sylvia trade places  to share male/female issues to the “other side.”


Ken and Sylvia team teach and minister deliverance and healing prayer to attendees.

  • Section 1: Male & Female Differences
  • Section 2: Issues of Communication
  • Section 3: Pure Marriage Bed of the Lord
  • Section 2: Dual Call of God on Couples

Attendees will receive suggested activities to help them apply the principles discussed in the seminar for personal follow-up and growth.