Deliverance And Inner Healing

Deliverance Procedures Team Training Seminar:

This intensive seminar is designed to provide teaching and personal training to equip those who are called by the Lord Jesus Christ to  join FE teams to minister deliverance on a regular basis.    NOTE:  The team training seminar is not meant to educate people who are interested in learning more about the topic of deliverance or those who are seeking to receive personal deliverance prayer.

REQUIRED Prerequisites Before Receiving FE Team Training:

  • Know that God has called you to the deliverance/healing ministry on a regular basis.
  • Review all information contained in the FE website.
  • Read the  “Preparation Overview” and the” FAQs” thoroughly.  (FAQs Password = Freedom777)
  • Complete both the “Victory over Spiritual Conflict” seminar and accompanying teaching manual.
  • Agree to receive your own FE deliverance prayer and aftercare ministry sessions.
  • Agree to be coached for two deliverance and two aftercare ministry sessions to exhibit skills and anointing before approval is given to join FE ministry team members.
  • Agree to FE team member requirements by signing the “Team Qualification” document.
3 Ways to Receive FE Team Training:
1. Attend an IN-PERSON TEAM TRAINING SEMINAR for Optimal Results

This intensive, in-person seminar is designed to teach and provide personal training for those who are called by the Lord Jesus Christ to minister deliverance on a regular basis.   The in-person cost will be negotiated with those hosting the seminar so that expenses can be planned and allocated fairly.

The course content explores:

  • Biblical definition and purpose for deliverance and healing
  • Uniqueness of this balanced approach
  • Dealing with demonic forces, programs and devices
  • Importance of preparatory prayer and establishing authority over demons
  • Warfare and cleansing procedures
  • Praying for those who are victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)
  • Healing/deliverance for “Alters,” (Altered States of Being) – Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD/DID)
  • Importance of client preparation and receiving aftercare ministry
  • Demonstrations of deliverance prayer and aftercare ministry
  • Personal coaching to apply knowledge and procedures of deliverance/aftercare ministry

Attendee Registration Includes:

  • 5 days of Seminar teaching, practical exercises and demonstrations
  • 2 days to receive personal deliverance and after ministry
  • 2 days to receive in-person coaching as you minister one deliverance and one aftercare session
  • Teaching documentation and binder
  • DVD and documentation for the 13-hour “Aftercare Ministry Seminar” mandatory training

The following points describe additional details of the course involvement:

  • A deliverance prayer involving a class attendee will be demonstrated during the teaching.
  • Practical group exercises to apply the information will be involved during the teaching.
  • On the final day of teaching, there are three major components:
    1) Teaching and demonstration of aftercare for the attendee who received deliverance prayer during the seminar.
    2) The final “Practicum” deliverance prayer observation in which a seminar attendee prays deliverance for another participant, while Ken or Sylvia provides coaching and teaching.
    3)  Prayer of Impartation for those participants desiring it.

Other Information

  • Attendees are required to complete the separate “Aftercare Ministry Seminar” DVDs with teaching documentation before being fully released for FE team member status.  The DVD media and documentation is included in the registration fee for the in-person DP Seminar.
  • Two personal coaching sessions are mandatory for all prospective FE team trainees before being released as a qualified FE Team member.  At the seminar, an FE team member will provide one in-person coaching for attendees to apply what they have learned from the seminar teaching and demonstrations.   Trainees must also schedule a 2nd coaching by an authorized FE Coach (1st coaching = $125; 2nd coaching = $125).
  • For more detailed information about hosting an in-person “Deliverance Procedures Team Training Seminar,” please Contact Ken and Sylvia Thornberg to discuss unique issues, requirements, and specific cost information.  Phone: (208) 343-6012 or Send Us Email

The FACILITATED “Deliverance Procedures Team Training Seminar” is taught in person by a qualified FE Team Member who is authorized to teach the seminar via DVD media.  All requirements written above apply to this facilitated DVD seminar training.  Attendee cost will be negotiated by the team member facilitating the course.  Minimum number of attendees = 8; maximum number = 16.

3. Train by VIDEO or AUDIO MEDIA

For individuals who live in a remote location that are unable to attend an IN-PERSON or FACILITATED “Deliverance Procedures Team Training Seminar,” a DVD version ($350) or an MP3 audio version ($150) is available.  All requirements written above apply to this media training option.  Two separate coaching sessions must be scheduled before a trainee can be considered to join FE teams.


This 2-part seminar provides added intensive information that builds upon the training provided in the “Deliverance Procedures Team Training Seminar.”  If an in-person seminar is desired, we suggest the teaching to be scheduled over two full days.  A flash drive of this  seminar is available; download the  Order Media PDF to find order information.

Obviously, this advanced seminar is not available for those who suffer from SRA and have not received deliverance yet.  There is an in-depth focus upon the issues of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder (also known in professional circles as Dissociative Identity Disorder, DID). Attendees will receive a unique procedures document that contains specific prayer language for ministering to the severely abused individual.

REQUIRED Prerequisites:

  • Must have attended the “Deliverance Procedures Team Training Seminar” (or have completed the recent seminar recordings).
  • Must have received two direct coaching sessions by team members who have been certified to coach.
  • Must be released by their FE Coach to pray for people after completing the coaching requirement.
  • Must have developed solid experience in the FE approach by praying regularly for people for at least three months after receiving the DP Seminar training and coaching. Praying for 7 deliverance sessions is a minimum requirement.
  • Have a sense from the Holy Spirit that they are called by the Lord to minister to severe SRA.

Part I Seminar (DVDs and MP3 Audio) 

Part II SRA/MPD Teaching Update (Flash Drive).   

  •  Introduction (traces Satan’s goals, strategy and the impact of generations of sin);  Satan’s Evil Fuels God’s Glory;  SRA’s Uniqueness and Predicament,  Degrees of SRA Affliction;  Satanic Tools and Programming (including implants, portals, special curses, ingredients for programming, special types of programming, and higher level SRA);  Satanic Headship – the Final frontier (5 levels of Satanism, astral projection, human spirit involvement);  Ministering Freedom (unique procedures);  A Warning for Ministers; Post Deliverance Experience.
  • MPD / DID:  What is it and how does it happen?  The Core; Foundational Elements (signs and indicators, different types of Alters);  Ministering to them (Alter Aftercare, Mirrors and Echoes, (What to do if… );  Keeping the Person Free and Integrated ; Post Deliverance Experience;  the Walk of Fire and Light, a summary of God’s goals and purposes regarding these precious people and how to be an Overcomer.