Church Presentations


Pastors have shared with us that they do not often teach about spiritual warfare in their sermons and appreciate that we enjoy preaching and teaching to Christian churches and organizations. We always pray to receive what the Lord desires for us to share, and He continually provides new insights and wisdom. Hopefully, it serves as a fresh breath from the Holy Spirit to encourage, strengthen and equip members of the congregation to overcome the enemy.  The Lord anoints us to minister together as a team to bring forth His fullness, and it is also a great joy to minister healing and prophetic words.


We are eager to speak to youth and/or parents about supernatural issues, demonic controls and the constant manipulation of young people that Satan has targeted.  Our teaching material is not theoretical but is practical — based upon information gathered by more than 4 decades of involvement in spiritual warfare and deliverance work.  We discuss generational trends and the perverse subtleties of the occult and also about what we see the Lord doing to set people free. These presentations can vary in content to fit the needs of a particular fellowship or could also be targeted as a direct response to societal changes that may be of interest to a group.  Either way, we are able to discuss a unique blend of provoking first-hand experiences, and we will seek to provide practical solutions to counteract the dangers discussed.

Arming God’s Strategic Intercessors

The title says it all.  This 4-hour presentation is meant to give your intercessors vision and suggestions on how to take your land back from an enemy who has had his way far too long!  The Sections include:  Calls, Purposes, Elements to Intercessory Battle, Precautions for Battle, and a Suggested Battle Plan.

The New Age Movements

East Meets West: Two-hour presentation (without questions).  Content includes definitions, historical facts, symbols used, seven basic premises of the New Age, how it impacts our culture, and the similarities between it and the New World Order.