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Business Seminars

The Business Series seminars for Freedom Encounters can be given to either Christian or secular business groups. They are identical seminars, but the Scriptures are read during the seminars for Christian organizations or business firms. Scriptures are quoted in a “revised version” with secular groups so that no truths are eliminated or watered down. Many of these seminars take advantage of Ken Thornberg’s 15 years as Executive Director of a Better Business Bureau.

All seminars stress biblical foundations that have such relevancy to everyday business decisions. Requested minimum honorariums would be negotiable. If the sponsor of a seminar prefers a workshop format, please add 1/3 to the time allotment for roundtable discussions, question and answer sessions, etc.

Managing Your Invisible Inventory

This 6-hour seminar examines how your reputation, ethics, values and attitude directly impact your bottom line. The following two programs can be modular. Honorarium is negotiable.

PART I — How to Measure Your Business’ Integrity Profile

This three-hour presentation speaks of:

  • Intangibles which can make or break a business
  • Self-Examination through planning and preparation
  • Choices and the courageous attitudes necessary for success
  • Customer Satisfaction and the balance between policy and policing
  • Six sins of service
  • Team building and employee relations

PART II — Business Ethics and Business Growth

This three-hour presentation deals with:

  • Five causes of the erosion of business ethics
  • Biblical values of business benevolence, including a biblical philosophy of business behavior, biblical mandates of diligent management, and commands to not defraud
  • The power of principles and tests for ethical decisions
Customer Servants Seminar

This four-hour workshop seeks to have audience involvement in order to find how to better serve a company’s clientele. This is a workshop which can easily meet the needs of a firm or representatives of many firms within an industry or collective business organization. Although it can be divided up into modules, we feel it is most effective if kept intact. Honorarium is negotiable.

Its sections include the following:

  • A New Paradigm for Customer Servanthood – How traditional models are not working today, customer satisfaction overkill, market thumb prints, and touch point times
  • Specific Company/Customer Policies – When and how to create policies for today’s customer environment
  • Handling Complaints – Attitudes and where the Word sets the boundaries
Codependency in Business

This seminar is uniquely designed to draw the business person into an introspective mode of discovery — both within themselves and those whom they have hired in their organization. We explore how certain codependent behaviors impact the bottom line in a very negative way and how they can be reversed and overcome. This seminar is three hours in length and can produce surprising outcome for the participant, unlike any seminar ever attended.Honorarium is negotiable.

Balancing Family and Business Life, A Journey

This four to six-hour workshop is presently designed for business owners and their spouse, complete with nine soul-searching questions to answer prior to the workshop. This seminar pulls together parts of four other seminars and causes one to question the true purpose in life, goals, values, integrity, and what may be stealing from or distorting them. This is a powerful retreat offering. Honorarium is negotiable.

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Many of our seminars are available in a variety of media formats, including CD, MP3 and DVD. Purchasing these resources is a great alternative for people who can’t make it to one of our training events in person.

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Seminar Fees

Our seminar fees change occasionally, and all of that information has been consolidated into one master document. Click on the button below for the latest info on our seminar pricing.

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