VOSC Details

Most Believers in Christ Jesus are not being taught about how Satan and the power of darkness are dedicated to “kill, steal, and destroy” (John 10:10). The troubled times exploding on the earth testify to the validity of what He warned in Matthew 24 and many other scriptures. By completing this comprehensive seminar:

  • Your eyes will be opened to understand the reality of the enemy’s spiritual warfare at work in the world and within our lives.
  • Your faith will grow stronger as you choose to exercise the authority given by the Lord Jesus.
  • You will receive powerful Holy Spirit prayers that break bondages when prayed in faith.

Access to the Victory Over Spiritual Conflict Seminar is available for online streaming in the following 2 options:

  • Individuals ($90 USD)
  • Married Couples ($100 USD) *

* During the checkout process when you purchase the “Married Couples” option you will be prompted to create  a separate account for each spouse.

Here’s what the VOSC Seminar Includes:

  • Ten+ hours of material organized into:
    • 7 major sections
    • 33 modular, streaming video teaching segments
  • An 81-page teaching manual that includes :
    • Numerous Bible verses
    • Excerpts from credible sources,
    • Several sections of valuable written information not included in the videos for additional study.
  • 60 days in which to access the material
Armor of God

This 10-hour seminar can easily be viewed in less than a month. We extend 60 days to give you plenty of time to enjoy the content.

NOTE: the sooner you complete the preparation requirements, the sooner you will be ready to request a personal ministry appointment with a FE team member.

There are two options available to order VOSC teaching:

1) online streaming
2) Flash Drive Media.  

PLEASE UNDERSTAND: Successful viewing of the online  streaming version of this seminar requires that you have high-speed/broadband Internet access (such as cable, DSL or satellite). Those with dial-up Internet access who wish to view the seminar should upgrade to broadband before buying a subscription. Alternatively, you may purchase the “Physical Media” version to watch the seminar content via USB Flash Drive.

PLEASE NOTE: We hope that you will also use the VOSC teaching manual to enrich your learning. The manual content includes critical information that will help you to walk forward successfully if you decide to pursue receiving personal prayer ministry from a qualified Freedom Encounters team member. And don’t forget to review the APPENDIX documents!
VOSC in Spanish!

We are happy to invite you to view “Victory over Spiritual Conflict” in Spanish! This seminar was recorded in Costa Rica and is now available to the Spanish speaking community worldwide.

Click the button below to experience the seminar, including the manual, in Spanish.