Victory Over Spiritual Conflicts Introduction

We find that few Christians have received in-depth instruction from the Bible about the strategies of Satan and the demonic realm that are at work to hinder and harm us. Attendees will learn what the Word of God clearly teaches and receive powerful prayer tools to withstand the enemy for themselves and their families.

The GOALS of this teaching seminar are to:

  • Provide a strong foundation of Biblical truth and understanding.
  • Expose the active involvement of the enemy to kill/steal/destroy our lives and to hinder our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Provide a setting for the Holy Spirit to expose the enemy’s involvement in events and situations that were negative, painful and harmful.
  • Teach ways to confront demonic powers and to overcome the oppression of the enemy.
  • Provide powerful prayers to bring freedom and healing when prayed in faith.
VOSC Teaching Content:

Understanding our Foe:  Dozens of scriptures are presented to study:

Battlefronts of Conflict:  Flesh, world, and evil supernaturalism —New Age, Greek Mindset, materialism, humanism, hedonism, and Islam.

Demonization:  Answers tough questions, Christians can have demons, opening doors to demonic invasion, occult preoccupation, and how traumatic abuse causes entrance.

Deliverance:   Why deliverance and healing?  Different approaches.

Healing the Heart and Soul:  Severe and violating abuse: physical, emotional, satanic abuse (SRA).  Impact of abuse: shattering.  Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD/DID)

Tools to Win the War:  Authority in Christ, spiritual power of discernment/gifts, practical tools.

Potent Power Prayers:  Seven spiritual warfare prayers + powerful prayers for salvation, protection, cleansing, and breaking.

Appendix:  Protection, Armor, House cleansing, Expert perspectives.