Desire Ministry?

Education and preparation
are important!

Jesus said, “The enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy – but I have come that you might have life and have it to the full.” (John 10:10). The abundant-life promise is a great relief, isn’t it? However, it’s sad to say, but we have discovered most people have not been taught Biblical references that expose what Satan’s schemes are, and how he goes about “killing, stealing, and destroying” our lives in every way possible!

Numerous years of practical experience established this firm reality: People who are willing to invest their time to become educated and prepared by the Word of God, are far more successful in retaining their freedom and walking forward with Jesus Christ after receiving ministry from Freedom Encounters.

For these reasons we respectfully require people, who desire to receive personal FE ministry from one of our  trained team members, to complete the following steps of preparation.

Do we “check” if people complete every step? No. But there is a well-known saying, “Little Effort . . . Little Results!”

Step 1

Education - What Does the Bible Teach?

A. Order and complete: "Victory Over Spiritual Conflict" (VOSC) seminar

This teaching seminar will establish a scriptural basis for understanding the enemy’s character and schemes to cause oppression. As you learn about spiritual warfare topics, past events in your life may take on new meaning!  You will also become much better prepared to receive and keep your FE ministry of deliverance and aftercare.

Order the VOSC seminar via online streaming or Flash Drive media.

B. You Need to Know -- What is Deliverance?

By the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, deliverance is a powerful act to cast out demonic spirits — as well as their programming, and devices — that negatively influence and control people, so that peace, rational thought, and healing can be established.

Please review a PDF of the following article written by Dr. David Oliver that explores the biblical basis for “demonization” of Christians:

You Need To Know – Many Christians
Need Deliverance And Healing!

Depending upon your beliefs and upbringing, you might be amazed and even offended to consider the idea that a believer in Christ needs deliverance.

Often tormented Christians refuse ministry because they were taught it’s impossible to have demons after a person is “born again.” Wrong!

Every person who has come to FE for ministry had demons to cast out — that’s 40+ years of experience for Ken and 28 years for Sylvia!

Read the following article for more information on this topic:
The Christian and Demonization

A Few Common Myths That Christians

Step 2

What are Common Questions FE Answers?

Review PDF: “Frequently Asked
Questions” (FAQs)

This document helps provide an understanding of what the Bible says about freedom, healing, and spiritual warfare.

Step 3

What Happens in FE Personal Ministry?

A. FE Ministry Approach – Deliverance Prayer

B. FE Ministry Approach – Importance Of Aftercare

C. Review PDF:
“Deliverance Preparation Overview”

 The purpose of this document is to answer many of the questions you may have and to establish expectations, should you decide to request ministry from FE.

Step 4

What is the Cost?

Step 5

How do I Contact an FE Team Member for Ministry?

FE Team Contact

Once you have completed each of the steps above, please review the “FE Team Contact List.” This document provides a partial listing containing the location and email contact information for teammates who are willing to be contacted directly; those who will minister via Zoom are specified in the document.