Divine Phenomenon of MPD/DID

MPD = Multiple Personality Disorder;          DID = Dissociative Identity Disorder      Alters = Altered State of Being

When people become shattered by suffering traumatic and abusive events, how can they be free of fear when they have often received horrific wounds by people who are supposed to love and care for them??  The shattered parts (Alters) believe deep down that they can never be safe, and they will never trust anyone!

Jesus creates Alters to help us cope with difficult situations in our lives, but they are held captive in memories of the pain and trauma of events that were meant to cause destruction. Demons may be cast out, but if the shattered parts of the victim aren’t cleansed and healed, the person cannot feel healed and free. The result is to feel worse than before, believing they are hopelessly broken, that Jesus doesn’t love them, and their lives will never change.

When we pray for people who have suffered such trauma, it is such a joy to watch the awesome power of God move quickly to heal and integrate a person’s Alters, no matter how many have been created. By employing the healing power of the love of God, integration occurs in minutes for most cases. What a miracle!

However, it is important to note that severely abused victims, (involving Satanic Ritual Abuse and other types of severe abuse), will often require follow-up aftercare ministry for one or more sessions to take place over a relatively brief period of time. If subsequent aftercare ministry occurs, the focus will always be for Holy Spirit to minister healing and complete final integration of any remaining Alters so that the person is whole.

Part 1:

A Message About MPD/DID (Alters)

Part 2:

An Encouraging Word to Alters

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