Victory from King Jesus Christ

Victory from King Jesus Christ

Other people told me to go talk about it with one of the King’s counselors.

Some said to take medication.

Some told me to pray more and read my Bible more.

Some told me it was all a part of “renewing my mind,” and that I just needed to keep going.

After many years, the issues were much better — still there, but in the background.

Along the way, I learned about the invisible attacks from the invisible enemy:  Spiritual Warfare.

I was told to fight the spiritual battle with the King’s Word and praises, and more renewing of the mind.

This helped .  .  . a lot.  But the issues still did not go away.

So I figured this was just the way it was in the King’s army.  Complete freedom in the King must only be reached when He wins the final battle and we join Him in the eternal Kingdom.

Then I became a parent, and the issues came back even stronger.

Worse, eventually rage and anger joined the depression and social anxiety.

My life didn’t feel any different than those outside the King’s army.

I certainly didn’t have any reason to tell others about the benefits of joining the King’s army.

I wondered about the verses in the King’s manual that talked about Freedom and Victory and a New Creation and Life and Joy and Peace.

The King felt far away, and I was lost and broken.  At times during this season I even wondered if the King really existed.  I had never seen him.  Maybe He wasn’t real.  Even if He was real, He certainly didn’t care that much about me personally.  What was the point of being in His army?

All around me were soldiers that seemed to have lost focus as well.  We all claimed to be soldiers, but none of us were fighting for the King or living the way His manual asked us to.  We were busy with our own lives and our own problems.  Most soldiers didn’t even join their ranks in the King’s Army — they stayed isolated in their barracks, day in and day out.

Still, something in me refused to give up.  Every so often I would read a report from another soldier that really was fighting for the King it would inspire me and keep me going.  I thought, surely there is more to this life as soldier of the King.

Then, one day, I met a soldier who actually KNEW the King, she talked with the King and He talked with her.  She LOVED the King in a personal way that I had never heard from anyone that I knew in real life.  I had only read stories about such a love and such a relationship with the King.  Something stirred in me and I faintly remembered feeling that way in my past, but that was long ago.  I thought to myself, that’s what I want, that’s what I’ve been searching for.

I began meeting with that solider and learning from her how to speak with the King.  Then to my amazement, I learned that the King desired to actually speak with me too, and with any soldier that would take the time to learn and listen.  Over time, I began to learn how to hear His voice and how much He cares about me.  That He does desire a personal relationship with me as strongly as if I were the only soldier in His army.  And that He loves me more than I can comprehend and wants to be involved in the daily details of my life.

My life began to change.  I began to experience again the King’s peace that I hadn’t felt in years.  I began fighting the spiritual battle again with a renewed vigor.  But the issues still remained (depression, social anxiety, rage/anger, impatience, etc).

Soon after, I found out a secret.  This same soldier whispered to me about a special procedure available from one of the King’s special forces.

She told me there is a tactic used by the invisible Enemy that no one in our squadron talks about.

In fact, most soldiers don’t even believe this tactic really exists.  It sounds crazy or frightening, so they choose to ignore it.  Even most high-ranking officers don’t believe it.  Or if they do believe it exists, they also erroneously believe that the tactic is automatically voided when we join the King’s army.

The special tactic?   

Attaching invisible weights from the Enemy’s forces to our minds and bodies:  Demonic squatters.

The special procedure?   

Removing those invisible weights of the Enemy’s forces:   Deliverance.

I was familiar enough with spiritual warfare that I was open to this idea.  Curious about what the impact would be, I sought out the King’s special team and went through a deliverance session.

I walked out a little disappointed because it didn’t seem that anything had happened.  Although I did notice a quietness and peace that was different from what I had ever felt before.

Then the next morning, I woke up and noticed that my “black cloud” was gone.  Over the next week I noticed more and more things that were missing from my mind or life.  Everyone experiences different results from the session, but for me here is what is gone:

Ø  Depression

Ø  Social Anxiety

Ø  Rage

Ø  Inner turmoil

Ø  Extreme Irrational Impatience with my kids

Ø  Mental Obsessing

Ø  Mental Fogginess

Ø  Mental /Emotional “Black Cloud”

Ø  Major mood swings

Ø  Personality shifts

As the weeks passed and I kept seeing the difference in me, I got a little mad (righteous anger this time).  You mean to tell me that all of these years I have been fighting something that no one told me was there?

NO ONE told me that the attacks against me were from the inside, and that my struggle didn’t need to be so hard.

NO ONE told me that there was an invisible enemy attached to me that was feeding thoughts directly into my mind and body.

NO ONE told me that no matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I submitted to the King, no matter how much I read the King’s Word, no matter how much I prayed, this invisible enemy would still be attached to me until it was directly commanded to leave by someone with the authority of the King.

NO ONE told me that the negative tapes my mind played over and over again were something that could be removed once and for all.

NO ONE told me that in ONE DAY, many of my issues could be GONE, REMOVED, BANISHED.

NO ONE told me.

Well, I am changing that.  One of my new assignments from the King is to tell any soldier who will listen about this special procedure.

Most of us are fighting with a 500- pound weight on our back and get discouraged or don’t get very far very quickly.  Remove that 500-pound weight and watch how fast you can run, and how nimbly you can fight.

Don’t get me wrong, you will still be under attack.  The enemy never rests.  You will still have to fight every day for the rest of your life.  But the attacks will be from the outside, not the inside.  Your struggle will be so much easier.  You will experience freedom and peace in a way you have probably never experienced before.

Now I know the TRUTH:  There truly is freedom and life in the King.