True Identity Discovered

True Identity Discovered

I am His joint heir, His servant, and His soldier in His service. I report to him. Therefore, I know that I receive my “orders” from him to do His will and not mine. Most important, His name is to be used not for my glory or my needs per se, but only for His glory. Yes, Ken, I finally got it and I got it last night.

It took reading the same passages of scriptures over and over and over again, but it finally clicked. Now when I pray, there is no hesitation and I am confident. Now that I know Jesus, Ken, what happened to me in my childhood is not important and it doesn’t hurt anymore. Jesus is what is important now. I am reminded of that scripture that says that “and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” I know who Jesus is, so now I am free from the hurts, pains, and regrets of my past. I am now free from rejection, insecurity, and inadequacy. I am free, free, free.

All I think about now is praying and bringing down the kingdom of darkness for those individuals who are still held captive. However, before I start praying for folks, I’ve got this one last hurdle, this final mountain to get rid of. Once that demonic stronghold is dealt with, God will be able to effectively use me. Last month, I took a sign language class, so I can now finger-spell words and greetings for deaf people. I also graduated and received my Masters in Counseling Psychology. I am enrolled in another Masters program in Human Behaviour and expect to graduate in July 2004. I am reading my Bible every night, praying not only at night, but also during the day for my fellow man wherever I am and I am attending at least 2-3 church services a week.

Ken, I just had to let you know about my new-found knowledge. I am so happy that I know for myself who Jesus is, why He came and most important why He will always be. He is God’s Adam and everything is under His authority. God bless you Ken and thank you for being my friend.

God Bless and Keep you Safe,

Wondra, California T104