Support for Freedom Encounters Ministry

Support for Freedom Encounters Ministry

God has given you two specific instructions on how to do the ministry and how to train for the ministry. Other people may think they know about it, but they do not. Do not let other people influence and try to override what The Father has told the two of you. He is the master builder. He is the plan maker. We are His servants and should be ready to do His will with no questions asked.

Do not let people cause you to second-guess the Father. They do not mean any harm, but they do cause harm when they get in the way of The Father. This ministry is not like teaching a Sunday School Class. This is war. Some people look at it like any one could do it. They can’t. God qualifies whom He calls. He has called the two of you to do this ministry. If others want to work with you they have to be willing to follow your guidance and leadership. If they do not choose to do so, they can no longer be allowed to work with you. It has to be His way or no way.

When we try to change something The Father has put in place, we mess up. Lucifer is waiting on us to mess up so that we can become confused, etc.; then he can pounce on our weaknesses and cause havoc. We have to be alert and be constantly on guard. Lucifer is our enemy; he is our adversary. God is our King. He wants us to succeed. His reputation is at stake. We have to honor Him and follow in His footsteps. He has been there before. He knows the way. It is up to us to follow in His footsteps. We have to be good trackers and scouts. He never fails. In Him we cannot fail. He is the winner.

B.R., South Dakota T108