Now the Husband’s Story of Miracles

Now the Husband’s Story of Miracles

In the past I was almost hit by a train, and another time driving my car on dry pavement and hitting ice and spinning 3 circles, I didn’t even roll. Still another time I almost got hit by a semi-truck (without the trailer). On July 4th of 1983 I almost drowned in Lake Okoboji- one month to the day before I met my wife, Sandra. I did a back flip and hit my head on the board. I never knew, because I lost consciousness, and who knows how I got out of the pool when no one was around to even notice or see that I needed help! The angels were on assignment–the enemy attested to that in the session. In 1975 while tearing down an old ROTC building, I fell 25 feet. I walked away from that accident with no broken bones. The devil’ s response on all of these attempts on my life was that they were given orders to kill me, but because of my praying Aunt Judy and others, they couldn’t destroy me.

Because the enemy didn’t want my prophetic voice to be used, they tried to encapsulate my voice and cause throat and sinus problems. If my throat was sore, I would hold back using my voice. They also attacked my words so people would make fun of me and how I said words. Then the prophetic words wouldn’t come out either.

I found out that the enemy encapsulated 40% of my metabolism. Since the deliverance I have lost 22 pounds–an answer to Sandra’s many years of prayer for my weight. The exciting thing is that I haven’t done anything any differently than I was doing. In fact I’ve eaten more, not less, and I haven’t increased or done anything more for exercising than I had been doing. My family all noticed before Sandra or I did that I had lost weight and brought it to my attention at Christmas time.

My Freedom Encounters session also showed that 50% of my emotions were encapsulated. Now my confidence and leadership abilities are getting stronger. I have always experienced demonic attacks in my mind at times and voices. Since deliverance I have had peace.

Overall the demons said, “We could not destroy Daryl because of praying people and his love and devotion to his God.” The demons said, “We tried to stop Daryl because we didn’t want to hear him teach, preach, evangelize and prophesy.” But The Lord had His way. I would encourage anyone that wants more freedom and peace to go through Freedom Encounters.

D.S., South Dakota, T160