New Deliverance Minister Awed by God’s Power

New Deliverance Minister Awed by God’s Power

I had never seen such beauty until I saw a young woman who had been sexually abused healed before my eyes.  Talking to her after the ministry and watching her Alters get integrated was more beautiful than I can describe.Seeing a man set free from feeling and dressing like a woman, because his Alter knew he would only be loved like his sisters if the Alter became female, was totally outstanding.  His mother left him when he was 7 and his family neglected him, and lavished his sisters.  Now he is set free, doing awesome and called to preach.

We had a young woman was beset with tremendous fear.  Her alter came screaming forth, telling how it had been locked up in a coffin.  Now she is free of fear for the first time in years and doing fabulously.  I could go on and on.

I can’t say how much your faithfulness and teaching has meant to us.  We get to be a part of watching the Glory of God as we walk in our calling.

Last week we had a young man (28) who was saved at 11 and had the gift of evangelism. He was leading people to the Lord where ever he went. On the street, in stores, sharing the word and getting people to get on their knees and accept Christ.  Unfortunately, shortly thereafter a youth pastor tried to molest him. That turned him away from God and He left home at 15.

After being on the streets for awhile, he went into the service, got married and had a child, which died as a baby. Later his wife turned against him and left him as well as taking their other child from him. He came back to the Lord and went to one of our deliverance overviews and knew it was something he needed to do. I of course spent time with him prior to be sure he had came to forgiveness in all areas.

His deliverance was quite exciting with the demons tried their best to intimidate me.  In traditional deliverance it would have been a horrible fight, as it was obvious they wanted to kill me. Instead, I just tried not to laugh and watched God totally control them. It was awesome!!  After his deliverance God very clearly had me call for the oldest alter to come forth. Immediately the young man set up straight, opened his eyes and said, “I’m here sir”. It happened so fast and abrupt that at first I thought the client was just playing but not so.

I went through the normal process of talking to the Alter and trying to get him to see Jesus but he couldn’t see Him anywhere. Finally I asked him to look around and see if there were any other Alters. He pointed over to the corner of the room and said, “you mean those kids sir”? When asked what their names were he looked over into the corner and said, “hey kids, what’s your names. Eventually I got the names and ages of the other three Alters and had them tell him about Jesus.

Finally while looking around the room he saw Jesus and started bawling and bawling. When I asked him what was happening he told me that Jesus told him that He loved him and that He was holding him in His arms.  It was so incredible!! God of course gave him all new white fatigues with white polished boots.  When asked about checking his undergarments he responded, “That’s a strange request sir”. Come to find out he was going commando, as he put it,(no underwear) so he had to get new white underwear.

One of the alters would not put on its white clothes so I asked him to see if there were any chains or cords holding him up. He saw cords so I had him ask angels help. He kind of jumped back looking upward seeing the angels. When I asked about if he could see the angels he said, “yes sir”, “are they big”?, “yeess sir, really big, I wouldn’t want to mess with them sir”. It was pretty funny. He told me the angels couldn’t take off the cords because the alter had put them on and that he would have to take them off himself.

The other alter with the cords was feeling unworthy so I asked the oldest alter to go over and talk with him telling him about how Jesus would forgive him. Suddenly the oldest alter gets out of his chair, steps over a high electrical cord, walks over to the corner of the room and begins telling the other alter about the love of Jesus. All of us in the room are with mouths droped open and tear filled eyes.  It was just almost unbelievable. Finally he walked back took his seat and reported that the other alter was all dressed and ready to go into the light. He faithly watched as all three alters went into the light then he started crying asking if he could go. I of course said yes and off he went.

When the core person came back he was weeping yet he had absolutely no knowledge of what had happened. He was gone for well over an hour with out remembering a thing. Even so, God did a miraculous healing and the young man is doing incredible.  He is devouring the bible like never before, burning demons left and right, and laughing in the face of difficulties.

How God does all this is so amazing. Who would haver ever guessed?!!  Again we thank God so very much for your faithfulness in hearing God, teaching others, and for God doing all the work!!!!  Sorry I wrote so long but that was just the short version.

K.L. from Oregon