Multiple Changes in Swiss Woman’s Life

Multiple Changes in Swiss Woman’s Life

Before I felt no taste of living…I gained some appetite and I am more balanced–before it was either no appetite or eating too much! I feel much less guilt in my life, for before I felt guilty all the time…now I feel the right of living. In the inner healing process I have started to learn to establish boundaries. I have a much better perception of myself–in fact, the day after my deliverance I had this thought: in fact I’m not so horrible, I’m even lovable, WOW!

Since I take care of myself a bit more, and dare to dress nicely. Also I used to always be stressed and arrive late everywhere…I find also some improvement there. I scream much less at my children and have more inner peace, As a burden bearer, I am also less overwhelmed. I see more anointing in prayer and praise. More faith! More communion with my Lord. My health also has improved–I don’t feel so tired as before. I was always sighing and a friend of mine said that she is astonished that I don’t sigh any more ! My finances also improved.

Three weeks after the deliverance a mother of a friend of my daughter Lydia called and asked me if I would open an art course because her son wanted suddenly to learn how to draw! This was the beginning of December. Within 10 days, 5 children had subscribed to my new art course without doing any publicity! One of the gifts in the storeroom was teaching children! Since the seminar in Colmar, France, I also received healing ministering to my alters. There is still more to come, but I have faith our Lord will do every thing all at the right moment; I just need a little patience and humility. I am so grateful and willing to share his love and treasures with others. Since the seminar in Colmar, we have prayed for 8 persons. Each time it is so different and special.

We don’t hardly speak about this work to people even though the demand for praying deliverance grows very quickly. We tell people that it isn’t us who fixes the date and hour but Jesus, and they might have to wait… We have also to follow in post deliverance.

L., Switzerland T110