Testimony of a Deaf Alter

Testimony of a Deaf Alter

With permission from our client we are pleased to share part of her testimony with you. A woman from Oregon who was a severe SRA victim come to us for ministry. We prayed with her and she went home praising the Lord with wonderful results.

A few weeks later she had something happen that really alarmed her. She found herself signing what she believed were ritual curses. She contacted us again, and we scheduled an aftercare session with her to minister to any alters. Before she came we sensed that the Holy Spirit spoke to our hearts and said that this woman had a deaf alter that had not yet integrated.

When she arrived for ministry we told her what we felt the Lord had spoken. She then shared that she had had a dream where someone was looking for a cure for hearing.  We felt the Lord was confirming what He had spoken so we proceeded with aftercare ministry.

During our session we discovered a 4 year old alter that was deaf. She was very helpful because she could read our lips and was happy to have the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh introduce himself to her. As she was meeting the true Lord Jesus Christ, she kept saying “I know Him. I know Him, I know Him.” And she also keep signing for Him to come into her heart.

Once she received the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior, the angels were able to destroy demons that were masquerading as true alters, along with their attachments. After they were destroyed, to our amazement she could hear!  She kept covering her eyes and asking us to speak so that she could listen. It was so sweet. We then asked Jesus to escort her into the bright white light of the Holy Spirit inside, and our client was made whole by the loving power of God.