SRA Victim Shares Her Story

SRA Victim Shares Her Story

Having been diagnosed as Multiple Personality Disorder in my early teens; I lived a lifestyle that was disorderly, corrupted and out of control. I came from a past filled with sexual, verbal and physical abuse that caused much havoc inwardly as well as outwardly, having been sexually abused at a tender age of one.

I grew up with much fear, anxiety, deep depression and unexplainable behavior, always tormented with nightmares and voices in my head. Had NO peace at all. This lifestyle of torment leaked into my adult life, causing my home life and marriage to be a living nightmare. Of course my suicidal tendencies and stripper mentality of 12 years only added to my unacceptable and uncontrollable behavior.

I finally made a decision to share with my husband about the abuse, as he was always a supportive of me to best of his ability by sending me to therapy, costing lots of money with NO remedy! I was only coping and being told that I needed to be medicated or that it would take years before I was healed. With much despair and crying I began to pray and ask my Heavenly Father to lead me to the right people that would position me for TRUE FREEDOM!

Keep in mind that I had indeed had alters, but some were really demons. This created an environment that was not suitable for even our dogs.

After so many years of living in pain with much harassment and nightmares continually, my husband and I decided that we needed to pray for the leading of Holy Spirit to lead us into the path of FREEDOM! For I was not settling for “coping”!

Having given up (!), Father God sent “Freedom Encounters” as my heart was repositioned to accept indeed that I did have MPD and that I needed healing. For quite some time I went into denial mode because I couldn’t handle it!

My sessions consisted of deep wounded memories of a painful abuse filled with demons popping up left and right. These sessions caused me to be bedridden for days. Freedom consisted of healing of painful memories, integration of all alters, and destroying the demonic in the process.

My severe stomach attacks disappeared that I lived with for over 20 years.I am on NO medication today and able to eat whatever my heart desires. I say this because before if I touched certain foods, I would vomit and experience severe stomach pains for days that led me to the emergency room week after week.

As weeks became months I began to sense and experience physical changes such as

  • I do not lose my temper, for I don’t have one now
  • I am not easily angered
  • I do not have re-occurring nightmares of sexual perverted dreams
  • I can handle stressful situations without falling apart
  • I have controlled my spending money and only buy what I need
  • I am not depressed anymore
  • I do not have voices in my head or mind
  • I am not a fear-based individual anymore
  • I have absolutely NO need for medication
  • I don’t suffer headaches any longer

As there have been physical changes, I have experienced spiritual changes as well:

  • I have awesome intimate times with my Heavenly Father
  • I experience the full rest of God
  • I am able to understand (Rhema word) the Word of God
  • I can “STAND” for myself and others

Attending a Freedom Encounters conference at my church with Sylvia & Ken Thornberg just put all the pieces of the puzzle together in my life to help me understand what had happened. Today I live in complete FREEDOM as I abide in Christ, standing beside those that need FREEDOM!

Nothing else worked for me! This is not a formula that is magically applied. This is the hand of the JESUS reaching into those places that are wounded and shattered by abuse to bring wholeness to the heart, mind and body!

M, Quebec, 162