SRA and Her Mom Back to Herself

SRA and Her Mom Back to Herself

She truly was changed from a very hard person, to such a soft person. She never questioned any of the deliverance, but instead went back with the Lord during her session and let God have His perfect way. She was SRA and the Lord totally integrated her before the end of the session. We had a lot of the same people involved, so that was so very confirming.

But the good news is we learned of a curse that came from both of my parents to me, and then was to duplicate itself all over in Amee (daughter). It was the cause of the FAP (infirmity), and all the other physical problems. I got a copy of what was said about it and will give to you. It was so detailed that the demon confessed that there would be continuous pain and no doctor would ever find the reason. Also the Crohn’s was involved with the curse and that the next thing to happen was the FAP to attack my liver, for which there could not be a cure.

I have been having problems with my liver which I had kept to myself. No one could have ever known that. My mom’s prayer was Feb. 26th and by the next day the pain in my body had lessened by 50% and getting better every day. I am taking less meds than I have since you all were here last year. I still am having problems with the Crohn’s, but I know with learning to eat the right things, God is going to heal that too. I truly never thought I would ever be pain free, and I really was feeling that this was becoming hopeless, and God has so touched me, I can never tell you how I feel. Also to know that the Lord has intervened to stop this plan from going to Amee.

I am so thankful that the Lord truly has been here, and that He gave us such precious friends in you both. I don’t think I have ever thanked you both for standing with us through this. You never gave up on me, but always spoke the truth to me. I know that the Lord brought you both into mine and Ron’s life. I am so thankful that God brought us to Boise, Id. on Oct. 23, 1997, and that you listened to Him and prayed for us, and have continued to do so. I have never known such true friendship and faithfulness to the Lord. I will continue to always be thankful to the Lord for both of you.

Please know that I know that our Lord is the one that heals, but he uses precious ones like you to bring truth to the hopeless and hurting, to uncover the enemy’s traps and be willing to take a stand when no one will listen. I also know that you both have had to walk a hard road so people like me can be healed. When in prayer the last few days, the Lord said that I needed to thank you both for your friendship, love and prayers, and that’s what I have tried to do.

Before I finish I wanted to let you know that it was confessed that I have no more alters, and like the word you gave me, I now need to learn to process things without the ability to switch. I know that I’m still on a journey to complete wholeness, but I know the Lord is bringing me there. I also want you to know that the Lord is working so much in the lives of people here in Modesto. N. and I are busy every week praying for people and we don’t even have to tell anyone about the prayer–they just keep calling. People we don’t know and we don’t know how they find us.

Its been so precious seeing God’s hand moving. We both are committed to this, and we’re learning more everyday. We did come across real territorial warfare with the last client, but I’d rather talk with you about it, and not in a email. But we were able to push through and the person was set free, and that is what it’s all about.

Tammy, California T120