Sight Returned to Blind SRA Victim After 3 Years

Sight Returned to Blind SRA Victim After 3 Years

Her vision is completely restored! It was the most amazing thing!!!! What is really cool, the VA is blown away. Her counselor there is a Christian and is completely and totally excited! In fact, they are going to have all the specialists document her healing through all kinds of tests the next few weeks!!! Her vision is 100% back. God also said that He completely healed all her very serious health issues, ie, Gulf War syndrome, allergies, etc. etc. So, the VA is going to test all of those too and are going to slowly wean her off all meds as the tests prove out those physical changes also. It’s so cool!!!!!

I just thought you guys could use that kind of encouragement. She was one of those cases that had us somewhat discouraged. We knew that her eyesight needed to return soon (within the 1 1/2 year time frame), and when the time came and went, we just kept believing the Lord for a miracle and that she was on His time frame for healing, and not the statistics of the medical profession.

Also, interestingly, the world has not come up with any real way to heal conversion disorder (psychosomatic blindness), so they have almost no results of restored healing documented. In the few cases where site returns, it usually happens without any real understanding of what facilitated the return. So, this case is unique in that it occurred the moment the final alter integrated (who was blind) in the middle of an aftercare (counseling) session!!!! Isn’t God the coolest!!!!!!!!!!!

KP about A, South Dakota