Radical Change for SRA After Multiple Attempts at Healing

Radical Change for SRA After Multiple Attempts at Healing

This would happen more often as I grew in Jesus. Whenever I would be in the Anointing, this would happen to me. Now I am not a crazy person and have NEVER been diagnosed as one. I was raised in an upper class neighborhood, and was considered an intelligent and happy person. Soon after I was saved I had a pastor and his wife befriend me, and 16 years later we are still friends. They tried to help me and ministered deliverance, but without much success. I went across the country to MANY different meetings: John Eckhardt, Kimberly Daniels, Frank Hammond, Carlos Anaconda, Bob Larsen and more. I could not seem to get free. We got involved with Bob Larsen and were asked by him to be the Seattle leaders for the D.W.J.D. Team.

The Lord opened the door for this, and we were involved for some time. Bob had ministered to me and said I had M.P.D. Well…………….this was never really addressed. We became involved with the ministry team. I never got the help I needed and I began to see that others on the team were as troubled as I was. We had a young women come to a meeting and she manifested like I did. We couldn’t help her.

I had someone tell me about Ken and Sylvia Thornberg. They have a ministry called Freedom Encounters. I took this young woman to see them when they were in town. What I saw changed my life. I have SOOOO much to tell. I can’t tell you everything over e-mail. I just wanted you to know that since I have been ministered to by them (on Sept 11, 2001) I am free and have NO manifestations . I have learned SO much from them about Satan’s tactics. I have learned about alters or M.P.D. and have been healed.

The Bible says that generational sins and iniquities will follow us. My mom and dad both came from families that dabbled in the occult. As a child and a teen I became involved in the occult and tried levitation, ouija board, tarot cards, numerology etc. There was a man in the church I attended who satanically ritually abused my two year old son. He held three places of leadership in the church.

To be effectively involved in Satanism and the occult one must become active within the leadership of a Christian church. My son is healed and free, but not without prayer and warfare. I am free, but not without continued warfare. As Christians we need to be informed about all of this. There are and will be many more people coming out of Satanism and the occult that will need help. Ken and Sylvia travel around the world to teach and minister to folks. I believe God has given them wisdom beyond our natural understanding. I have become friends with these precious folks. They are some of the MOST HUMBLE, godly people I know. They don’t have some BIG ministry, and don’t write books about ” How to do Deliverance. ” They believe God does not want to be put in a box, and say ” This is how to DO Deliverance” I just want to say, after years of torment, I AM FREE ! Thanks so much for allowing me to share.

God Bless,

Sherrie B., Washington state T106