Pastor Released from SRA Captivity by Power of Holy Spirit

Pastor Released from SRA Captivity by Power of Holy Spirit

In my life I experienced sexual, emotional, spiritual, and mental abuse. I was a product of two drug addicted, abusive alcoholics. My father spent the nine months of my mother being pregnant with me beating her and trying to kill me. This was just the beginning of a life that was destructive and hate filled. I became an alcoholic and drug addict starting at the age of 13/14. I was sexually abused by my best friend’s dad for some time in high school and my life just spiraled out of control. What I didn’t know was that through everything God had a great and mighty plan and purpose for me. It wasn’t until I was 33 that I found out the whole truth about myself and who I was created to be. With the teaching and Godly counsel of Dr. David Oliver and the power of the Holy Spirit, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Almighty Father God I found freedom beyond just a salvation prayer.

Through my Freedom Encounter I have found a new life. A life free from so many strongholds that I never thought I could ever overcome. I have found that some of these strongholds have been difficult to fight against, but nowhere near the difficulties I had in my life before. The Christian walk is not an easy road, but it can be easier and true freedom can be found. When you hear the Word of Truth and when you know what it is you’ve been and are up against, your life will be forever changed for the better. You will come out stronger and will come out more aware. I pray that you take this time and opportunity to walk this road of freedom.  I know that you’ll never look at life the power of God the same. Blessings and Courage as you embark on this great journey of newness of life.

Your brother in Christ,

Pastor A.  V.