Freedom for an Entire Family!

Freedom for an Entire Family!

We stopped to facilitate a ministry session in Mo on our way to Florida to a family with two grown sons with schizophrenia.  I shared about the healing involving the one son in that area with you before.  7 of their 11 children were also severe victims of Satanic Ritual abuse. (3 children were their own, 8 were adopted)

We just received a letter from this family telling a lot of great news. A few weeks after we were there, the parents received a call from another son who had been adopted from Haiti many years ago. This son is now in his 30’s and was one of the sons who was SRA but not living anywhere near home. We prayed much with this family for him while we were there. Their hearts were heavy as he was homosexual and had left home, rebelling and living the homosexual lifestyle for many years. Of course it wasn’t a surprise that he had opposite sex alters as well.

Shortly after we prayed deliverance for the parents, this son called home and told them that he had been sitting in a bar when the Holy Spirit just came upon him and he couldn’t stop crying. (Of course this son had known nothing about the deliverance prayer ministered to his parents). He left the bar, called home and told his parents he apologized for being such a rebellious child, and asked if he could come home to see them. When he got home, he talked a lot with his parents, repented, gave back his life to Christ, and left his homosexual partner.  Talk about a freedom encounter!!!

Thought you’d like to rejoice with us and this family!   All Glory to God!

(This family will enjoy the ultimate holiday celebration this year – Yahoo!!!! :0)