Joy of a Child Released Again

Joy of a Child Released Again

In its place are a confidence and acceptance of myself that I have never known before. To hear how the enemy has deceived me for so long, and to hear the truth revealed and declared about myself in Christ is beyond words. God has revealed and confirmed His call and purpose for both our lives.We thought we knew this beforehand, but now know the fullness and power of our call and purpose as the veil of deception was removed allowing us to see all of the truth for the first time. The broken parts of myself have been restored resulting in much joy, peace, and clarity
of thinking. On the way home, I drove with both windows down, with my arm out the window shouting “woo-hoo, I am now FREE!”   I feel like a child again in that I have such joy, like the child in me has been released again.

To say I am thankful for, love, and appreciate Pastor Carol is such an understatement! We are so richly blessed by her love, faithfulness, self-sacrifice, and amazing anointing and gifting. I am thankful for Pete for his sacrifice of his home and time with Carol. I do admit that I did have some initial concern when we first heard of this new teaching. I am so thankful that at the BB meeting, that Pete encouraged all of us to listen to the CDs with an open mind to see what God has for us. He was so right! After that meeting, I said to the Lord, “I will trust You in this Lord. I don’t want to shut out the very thing that You are sending to me to set me free.” To not pursue this process would be to limit God in my life.

The CDs have also been a wonderful experience to listen to. I am enjoying reading the workbook through a second time, along with all the scripture verses (and there are many!). This is building my faith as well. The Thornbergs and Freedom Encounters are a unique and special gift to the Body of Christ and although I have never met them (it would be nice to someday!), I feel like I know them through their teaching which is both informative and powerful, yet reveals their gentle spirits and ability to be transparent and open to those they teach.

For those of you who have not yet received this ministry personally, I would strongly encourage you to do so. It will change your life. It will change each and every person’s life.

Blessings to all,

D.C., Connecticut