“Goodie Two Shoes” Finds She Needed Help and Got It!

“Goodie Two Shoes” Finds She Needed Help and Got It!

After attending his seminars in Europe, she and her friends did regular deliverances in Israel. I and my friends Ruth and Barbara, already had some piecemeal deliverances and didn’t think more was needed. Besides, the Thornberg’s California seminars often took place in Modesto. We live in Santa Barbara. Soon after being born again and speaking in tongues years ago, I had a miraculous healing and subsequent pregnancy at midlife announced by a vision. Later, our Lord called me to intercede for several assorted local churches. Though I pointed out my shortcomings in doctrine and training for such a ministry, He did not recall the call. I then did what I could, praying in tongues and grieving in the Spirit, ending my efforts at each church after seeing a vision. I also regularly prayed silent intercession for troubled people in general, such as those hurting in bad relationships. I was pretty much of a Goodie Two Shoes in general. The number of check marks I made on the pre-deliverance checklist of physical, emotional, and spiritual problem areas and the wrong spiritual practices such reading horoscopes, etc. were fairly few. That I and people like me who were being used by God could be habitations for thousands of demons seemed impossible.

So what were the results of my deliverance? Those critical inner voices that loved to bombard me with such cracks as, “You’re not important. What a stupid thing to say! Wise up. Try harder!” proved to come from the demons. They also prompted me to make judgmental, self-righteous statements to others who richly deserved them (at least from my point of view.) The most exciting part of the process was when the “critters” were compelled to tell us about our spiritual storerooms. What wonderful gifts and ministries are to be found there, plus many other fun things such as clothes, jewelry, fruit and flowers! An even more important result was an abiding sense of God’s presence and a surging inner joy. Ruth, Barbara, Pinkie and I now conduct regular deliverance sessions for others. Getting through the process for a person does take a few hours, but setting believers free from the constant verbal abuse, inner torment, and temptations from Satan’s busy servants is worth far more than the time we spend.

In God’s Love,

P.F., California T114