From Type B to Type A

From Type B to Type A

I still fight a lifetime of bad habits, and lack of social skills from avoiding people, but God is helping me catch up fast. I now believe that He has called me to an outreach ministry which seemed impossible before. I must stay in the battle though to continue to make progress. Much warfare, but much victory. Praise God.


Also, my older 2 children (age 20 and 16) have experienced more attack but I see them making great progress building the Kingdom. Update: My son (age 16) had chronic stomach pain and diarrhea – sometimes severe. He could not drink milk or juice his whole life. Since I received the deliverance prayer his digestion is normal. He drinks milk, juice and even coffee! There was an obvious change at the time of my deliverance 5 months ago and he remains healthy.

Our God is an awesome God.

S.N., T145