Englishman Encouraged by Ministry

Englishman Encouraged by Ministry

Whilst some of the concepts that you discuss on your tapes are “mind boggling” to me (in the sense of lots of information) I am confident that through practice it will become second nature to me. I admire your strength, determination and vision. I always admire people who just don’t talk about concepts and theories (theology), but also put their convictions and faith into practice. After all, it’s that what we are all called to do, right? I have already met lots of people who don’t believe that a Christian can even be demonized, so I can appreciate on a tiny scale what you probably come across quite often. Just as I am writing this I am reminded of Peter who had a vision in regards to unclean food and relating that with his deception due to his traditional Jewish upbringing. As deception is obviously not of God, who was at work in him…yeah, demons, but the Holy Spirit was more powerful and was faithful to complete the work started. Whether you agree with this point or not is not important–my point is, I agree with you and other Christian ministers (Neil Anderson springs to mind) that Christians can and are indwelt by demons.

I know that I have a lot to learn (especially as teaching is my heart) and I’m sure I’ll never get an angle on every truth (although it would be nice…only kidding) but the most important thing is to trust God and have a relationship with him. I believe that this is the foundation of your ministry and I applaud you for that. Just as Paul said that we should imitate him as he imitates Christ, so my desire is that I would learn more and more to be vulnerable, courageous, full of faith, and forgetting everything before and looking forward to the goal–allowing Jesus to shape my mind, heart and whole direction in life. I see this in you and your ministry and eagerly desire that for my own life. Wow! I think you’re great. I am sure that you get negative emails so I thought I’d forward you a positive one.

Your English brother in Christ

R.G., England T121