Dream Life Now a Reality

Dream Life Now a Reality

The world has become more black and white. I am becoming more and more aware that there is no gray. People whom I thought were friends or at least acquaintances have become strangers. People who once talked to me no longer do. Some people who were strangers have become my friends. I have become very aware of the words that are said by others and me. Again, there is no gray–only good or bad. So many things are so very different and I wouldn’t go back to my old life for all the gold and riches of the world, because you see I have found life and I have found it to the full, or more abundantly. I am more close to our Father than I have ever been. I am free of guilt and shame. I am free of my past. I am learning how to love and how to live my life according to God’s plan. His plan is so much better than the world’s plan and mine. It isn’t that I think I am perfect and without sin. It is that I am free and I have been given an even playing field. All the obstacles that were in my way have been removed. In the past it seemed when I was trying my best to live for God, I was going against all odds. Now all the odds have been removed.

Each and every day truly is a new day in the Lord. It isn’t at all that my past has vanished. It just isn’t a burden or a threat to me any longer. It has become an asset to me. With each new day comes something more from our Father. He is showing me who I really am and who I have always been. It is truly an awakening of my life, spirit, and soul. Things that have been long forgotten or covered up have been revived and freed. I truly feel as free as an eagle. I will mount up with wings as eagles. I will truly soar on the wings of His love. I have become a threat to the enemy. I am learning to take steps in the right direction with no fear of falling back. It is so wonderful to live with no fear. It is truly amazing to know that I can deal with all the flaming arrows of the evil one when they come at me, not after they have hit me and wounded me. I have the knowledge that if one happens to get by, I can pull it out and throw it into the lake of fire where it will be roasted and toasted. I used to dream about a life like this. Now that dream is a reality. With each new day it is truly a new day. With each new day it is a day for me to bless Him and Him to bless me. With each new day…

Life AD is wonderful. Since my deliverance I have been introduced to my beloved by our Father. He was able to show me the one He had chosen for me. It is so much better when He does the choosing. Perhaps you will see the difference in our lives and you will understand more why I have said so much about with each new day. Each day is truly a new day. A new day for Him. A new day for me. A new day for us. With each new day…

B. R., T147