Couple Renders Praise For Deliverance Prayer

Couple Renders Praise For Deliverance Prayer

It was a very pleasant, stress-free experience. Going back with Jesus was fun for me as He and I watched a football game together, I enjoy sports, and Judy was standing at the side of a courtroom watching the proceedings. Judy and I had encountered tremendous spiritual warfare prior to our deliverance prayer, so when this came after the prayer, it was easily handled by our prior knowledge and the helps that Ken and Sylvia had given to us. What to us is tremendously exciting is our time after the deliverance prayer.

The deliverance prayer itself was freeing to me because of taking away my guilt. I have had 2 liver transplants and lymphoma and removal of my colon. I could see how Satan had attacked Judy and me, physically, emotionally, and spiritually through all of these years and tried to literally physically and spiritually kill me, cause Judy physical and emotional distress, & high blood pressure, which is now gone. One of the calls on my life is to be a prophet. The last 5 years I have given out about 20 prophecies. The first 3 months after the deliverance prayer I gave out 60. Judy has been very restrained in sharing the gospel but since the deliverance prayer she has given a Bible to a Buddhist and a “who is Jesus” tape. We have both been trained in doing the deliverance prayer and have done a number of those this year. Judy and I have never been happier, more blessed and doing the work as God’s servants that he always intended for us to do. The deliverance prayer literally launched us into God’s plan for our life in ways that we had never imagined and as we move forward, we know that our life will get tougher and tougher, but only because we learn, understand and know God’s goodness and limitlessness. Something that I never envisioned happening was our relationships with other people. By getting into our rightful place with God, we were able to see what relationships had been and now by God’s grace we are able to truly love and be who God has always wanted us to be in relationships. I could go on and on but if anybody is interested they can e-mail us our contact by phone or whatever works for them.


T123 Jim and Judy Wiens, , MN