Children Are Changed!

Children Are Changed!

My son… age 15 was 25th out of 26 in his class rank. You can believe I was putting much pressure in prayer over the years. He also had ADHD and scoliosis and misaligned teeth as well. This was because his jaw was also crooked from the scoliosis. I have been standing with him that God would straighten both his back and his jaw. I just received his grades for the third quarter (2 As 1 B and a C+). The last two quarters were Cs and Ds.

We have seen marked improvements in his spine compared to the first x-rays. His attention and focus are better. One teacher said he was a pleasure to have in class. That is a BIG change because I substitute in the school and I see he can be very disruptive and he acted very differently in the school environment than he did at home.

I have been listening to the seminar tapes. Often I have to say “Where was I during all that teaching?” It is so much clearer now as I review and study the material. I can focus on God and hear Him more clearly. PI’L for His love and faithfulness to His own. I feel so special and significant!

Relations have changed with my estranged daughter as well. “Mother” was on the back of my sash. She was so angry because of our divorce that she had also divorced me. I am excited to see how God is going to restore ALL that has been stolen from us.

God has opened the door to ministry here in my own hometown with a local… church and core group of intercessors for our area. A singles group has [also] evolved… Thank you for being obedient to God and His call for your life! Here are some lives that were changed.

K.G., T146