Territorial Intercession

The Impact of Heavenly War

Territorial Intercession PrayerThis 7-hour seminar introduces aspects of territorial warfare that are not based upon theories, but upon practical experience, learned by serving in deliverance ministry for many years.  By revelation of the Holy Spirit, the “how-to’s” of warfare are explored and are based upon Biblical principles.  The contents establishe a foundation that will prepare attendees to attend the more advanced “Territorial Components of Satan’s Realm” seminar. This seminar is not designed for people who have not yet discovered and accepted their authority in Christ (this comment is not made lightly).

The course content explores:

  • High Places
  • Call to Intercessory Battle
  • Satan’s Strategies and plans for this day and hour
  • Satan’s Methods of Warfare and Heavenly Infrastructure
  • What Makes a Good Territorial Soldier
  • Warnings for Battle
  • Rules of Combat for Warriors
  • Weapons — Offensive and Defensive
  • Practical Prayers
  • Clues to go to War

This course is most effective when taught in its entirety, although it could be divided into multiple sections. The requested minimum honorarium is $800USD and a suggested registration fee is $40/person, $70/couple.

Territorial Components of Satan’s Realm

This is a 2-day seminar that includes 8.5 hours of teaching for the first day (11 with translation), and another meeting the next day to execute the actual prayer time.   It is not designed for curious seekers interested in the latest fad, or for those who are lackadaisical in their prayer life.  It is designed for committed warriors, who are serious about the Kingdom of God, who are called to Territorial warfare, who are teachable and who are able to be stretched!  It is also for those who are very serious about possessing the land, and who desire to pray strategically.  The requested minimum honorarium is $1100 USD and suggested registration fee is $55/person and $95/couple.

Required:  Those who attend the seminar teaching and participate in the prayer time must be willing to commit to the Lord that they will gather together for prayer on a monthly basis in order to keep the territory clean.

The course content explores:

  • 11 Practical Steps In Warfare
  • The Infrastructure, Organization, and Function of Satan’s Realm
  • How to Destroy It
  • Preparation
  • Eliminating Backlash
  • Keeping the Territory Clean

The Holy Spirit’s Word of Warning: 
“(Potential attendees) are to seek the Lord in prayer as to whether they are to come. Warn and admonish the people that only those who are called are to attend.  You are always to pray and to be led of the Lord. Those that are not called, appointed, or prepared as warriors by My Spirit, those whose lives are unclean, will suffer consequences from the enemy. Not all are ready.  Many are curious, presumptuous and immature. All armies of the Lord prepared their hearts and cleansed themselves before battle. This is not a free-for-all. Prepare your spiritual armaments!”