Spiritual Warfare

Victory Over Spiritual Conflict (VOSC)

We find that few Christians have received in-depth instruction from the Bible about the strategies of Satan and the demonic realm so that they can withstand the powers of darkness. Therefore, attendees will learn what the Word of God clearly teaches regarding the enemy and his realm.

Photo from Victory Over Spiritual Conflict seminarThe goals of this seminar are to:

  • Provide a strong foundation of Biblical truth and understanding.
  • Expose the active involvement of the enemy to kill/steal/destroy our lives and to hinder our walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Provide a setting for the Holy Spirit to expose the enemy’s involvement in events and situations that were negative, painful and harmful.
  • Teach ways to confront demonic powers and to overcome the oppression of the enemy.
  • Provide powerful prayers to bring freedom and healing when prayed in faith.

VOSC Seminar content:

Understanding our Foe: Dozens of scriptures are presented to study:

  1. Satan (origin, fall, attitude toward man, characteristics, work)
  2. Demons (origin, destiny, characteristics, activities), hierarchical rankings.

Battlefronts of Conflict: A study of the flesh, worldliness, and evil supernaturalism —the New Age, the Greek Mindset, materialism, humanism, hedonism, and Islam.


  1. Definitions of Greek root:: possession, demonization, and oppression
  2. Answer tough questions about how Christians can have a demon, opening doors to invasion by the demonic, occult preoccupation and how traumatic abuse.


  1. The “Seven Steps to Freedom” as outlined by Neil Anderson in his book, “The Bondage Breaker”
  2. Authority Encounter.

Healing the Heart and Soul: We discuss severe and violating abuse:

  1. Sexual Abuse
  2. Physical Abuse
  3. Emotional Abuse
  4. Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA)
  5. Impact of Abuse: Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD/DID)
  6. Healing

Tools to Win the War: Extensive discussions:

  1. Authority of the believer in Christ
  2. The devil’s primary strategies of deception
  3. Discernment and Spiritual gifts
  4. Practical tools for believers in warfare.
  5. The role and function of Angels.
  6. Potent Prayer Power:
  7. 7 spiritual warfare prayers and their effectiveness.
  8. Powerful, authoritative prayers for salvation, protection, cleansing, and breaking.

Appendix: Last, a series of support documents is included, on the

  1. Protection Prayers – language
  2. Our Armament
  3. Checklist for Cleansing
  4. Satanic Ritual Calendar
  5. Perspectives
  6. Personal Inventory Checklist

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Introduction to Spiritual Warfare

This vital teaching is 2 hours in length, and the discussion provides a broad orientation of Spiritual Warfare for those who possess little knowledge of this realm.    The requested minimum honorarium is $250 USD.  The suggested registration (if desired) could be $10/person and $15/couple.

Attendees receive a 2-page outline, a Checklist for Housecleaning, a 1-page article explaining the Armor of God, and a 5-page document that defines practical and powerful prayers.  Topics include:

  • Basics of demonology, including functions and operations
  • Demonic function of Ancestral Vows, Curses, Spells and Ties
  • The Christian’s role in Spiritual Warfare
  • 6 offensive, and 7 defensive weapons and strategies for the Believer
  • How to experience victory through Christ in the battle

A Guide to Power and Ruler-ship

This seminar is 5 hours in length, with two separate sections of 2.5 hours each.  The requested minimum honorarium is $550 USD,, with a suggested registration fee of $25/person and $40/couple.

The sections include the following:

  • Spiritual Authority in These Last Moments: Includes what is needed to build a fully authoritative remnant in the body of Christ; necessary qualifications for an anointed warrior, which the enemy will want to avoid; keys that will open the doors of anointed power and authority; and God’s strategic plan to win the battle when the enemy attacks..
  • Putting On, to Take Up the Armor: The danger of ignoring the enemy; preemptive strikes against the enemies of God through discernment of their activities and schemes; standing in God’s authority as an offensive posture; and restoring dominion to man by ousting enemy squatters.

Introduction to Last Day Warfare

This 6-hour presentation has been established to present an overview of the wisdom and understanding received as Ken and Sylvia have served the Lord for several decades in the ministry of Freedom Encounters.  The requested minimum honorarium is $650 USD, and the suggested registration (if desired) could be $30/person and $50/couple.

After a brief introduction regarding the mission and work of Freedom Encounters, Sylvia shares a teaching entitled, “The Enemy’s Wiles” (2 hours).  Ken teaches for 3.5 – 4.5 hours, depending upon the topics requested.  He emphasizes numerous points of evidence that indicate we are “beyond the Last Days.” These indicators have been gathered and are based upon 40 years of observations that point to unusual changes in the supernatural realm. Ken also explores new schemes of the devil, and includes practical ways to overcome and obtain new freedom.

Silence the Lies Choking Your Life

This 2-hour presentation exposes the most common debilitating lies that the enemy speaks to people to harm, hinder and thwart their lives.  These lies are woven deeply into a person’s belief system via a specific demonic curse that is quite powerful.  During the teaching, these lies will be exposed and the curses disarmed by the power of God.  The requested minimum honorarium is $250 USD.  The suggested registration (if desired) could be $10/person and $15/couple.

The information shared has been compiled from hundreds of deliverance sessions that substantiate that this unique demonic curse has afflicted nearly every person.  Much time is spent discussing the Believer’s identity in Christ and how the enemy has been able to subtly camouflage God’s truth by instilling these powerful lies.

At the end of the teaching, we will lead people in a prayer to eliminate the specific demonic curses that built those lies so that they can receive more peace, a quieter mind, and the truth of God’s Word embedded in their hearts, souls, and spirits.