Conquer Negative Behaviors

Many people who contact FE ministry for help share that negative behavior is one of the issues that causes them major personal problems and heartache. Following are teaching seminars that expose many of the common instigators of negative behavior.

Discovering the Enemy of Self

Keys to recoveryFear, pride, and control fuel the issue of codependence in our relationships with others, God, and the church. This seminar is always a favorite because the content provides plenty of eye-opening challenges for attendees as they discover areas of personal dysfunction that has been negatively impacting their lives.

6.5 hours (9 with translation). Requested minimum honorarium is $700 with a suggested registration fee of $40/person, $70/couple.

Teaching includes the following:

The Idolatry of Human Desire

  • Core symptoms of fearful, dysfunctional behavior with people – Explores seven major behaviors identified in the Bible that explain our actions and reactions with others.
  • Symptoms of fearful, dysfunctional behavior with God – Six erroneous views point to how we view our relationship with God.
  • How the church can be an “addiction” for the dysfunctional person – Often a surprising discovery, signs of addiction and how it is developed are discussed.
  • Pastors can be an Easy Mark  – This helps both parishioners and pastors to understand how common religious traditions/teaching have developed unrealistic expectations and performance pressures.

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NEW: The Idolatry of Human Desire

Addicted - The Idolatry of Human DesireTargeted for “anyone who breathes and loves Jesus!!”

When the Internet came on the scene, humanity watched technology grow at warp speed to introduce new complexities, opportunities, and challenges that have deeply impacted our lives.

The average Christian is coping with seemingly endless technology advances and a hurried pace that have worked to reduce our time and intimacy with God unlike any other time in history.   This often includes the extensive pressure of pornography due to unmet needs and desires influenced by our common enemy.

  • How can we bring our relationship with God back into balance?
  • How did it get out of order in the first place?
  • How can we harness the good things life offers us in a healthy way and still build an honest and real relationship with God?

This seminar explores these issues by presenting two 4-hour sections that can be taught together or individually, if desired.

The requested minimum honorarium to present both sections is $900 USD, with a suggested registration fee of $40/person, $60/couple.  The minimum honorarium for each individual section is $450 USD, with a suggested registration fee of $20/person, $30/couple

Seminar Content:  The Idolatry of Human Desire

Part 1, Harnessing Behaviors That Can Lead to Addictions explores 30+ areas that our common enemy employs to distract and prevent us from pursuing our destiny in God.  Please come ready to take plenty of notes, as the Holy Spirit brings understanding, wisdom, and answers to establish a more stable and self-controlled lifestyle.

Part 2, the Improper Interest in Sex within Society presents a different focus of idolatry.  Statistics reveal a very high percentage of Christian men, and a shockingly high number of Christian women, have become addicted to pornography at some level.

  • This pervasive bondage to pornography makes one wonder – can there be even one realistic and successful answer to overcome this dilemma?!
  • Haven’t men and women worldwide tried over and over and over to break this cycle, only to go down in flames because of their continuing bondage to it?  Well… yes, they have!

In this seminar we explore the physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental components that drive this difficult issue.  And our discussion will not be shame-based!

  • What roles does our enemy play to keep us in a position of blaming ourselves totally for this re-occurring behavior?
  • The best part of this seminar occurs when we take time to consider several potential solutions to confront this worldwide epidemic. There is hope and light at the end of this dark tunnel!

Admittedly, this may not be classified as a “fun” seminar. However, those who “have ears to hear” will come to understand that the Lord desires to release sons and daughters who will perform the “greater works” by the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus described in John 14:12.

Silence the Lies Choking Your Life

Silence the Lies Choking Your LifeThe most common debilitating lies that the enemy speaks to people to harm, hinder and thwart their lives is presented.

These lies drive negative feelings and behaviors, and are woven deeply within a person’s belief system via a specific demonic curse that is quite powerful. During the teaching, these demonic curses will be disarmed by the power of God

2 hours. Requested minimum honorarium is $250 USD. If desired, the suggested registration could be $10/person and $15/couple.

The information shared has been compiled from numerous deliverance ministry sessions that substantiate how the enemy has worked subtly to camouflage God’s truth by instilling these powerful lies in our minds and hearts. The purpose of the enemy is to quench the Believer’s identity in Christ and to keep them captive in fear, rejection, despair and sin.

At the end of the teaching, we will lead people in a prayer to eliminate the specific demonic curses that built those lies so that they can receive more peace, a quieter mind, and the truth of God’s Word embedded in their hearts, souls, and spirits.