Conquer Negative Behaviors

Many people who contact FE ministry for help share that negative behavior is one of the issues that causes them major personal problems and heartache. Following are teaching seminars that expose many of the common instigators of negative behavior.

Discovering the Enemy of Self

Keys to recoveryFear, pride, and control fuel the issue of codependence in our relationships with others, God, and the church. This seminar is always a favorite because the content provides plenty of eye-opening challenges for attendees as they discover areas of personal dysfunction that has been negatively impacting their lives.

6.5 hours (9 with translation). Requested minimum honorarium is $700 with a suggested registration fee of $40/person, $70/couple.

Teaching includes the following:

  • The Idolatry of Human DesireCore symptoms of fearful, dysfunctional behavior with people – Explores seven major behaviors identified in the Bible that explain our actions and reactions with others.
  • Symptoms of fearful, dysfunctional behavior with God – Six erroneous views point to how we view our relationship with God.
  • How the church can be an “addiction” for the dysfunctional person – Often a surprising discovery, signs of addiction and how it is developed are discussed.
  • Pastors can be an Easy Mark  – This helps both parishioners and pastors to understand how common religious traditions/teaching have developed unrealistic expectations and performance pressures.

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NEW: The Idolatry of Human Desire

Addicted - The Idolatry of Human DesireTargeted for “anyone who breathes and loves Jesus!!” The purpose of the teaching is to expose countless deceptive hindrances and addictions that distract us from developing an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus and from fulfilling His destiny for our lives. We expect the Holy Spirit to touch attendees with powerful and personal revelation.

7 hours in length (9 with translation) Requested minimum honorarium is $700 with a suggested registration fee of $35/person, $60/couple.

There are three specific areas of teaching. The first two sections explore the most effective demonic battlegrounds that quench the spirit and derail relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The third re-enforces our TRUE identity in Christ and the impact we can make for the Lord. We close with time for personal reflection, communion and prayer.

  1. The Idolatry of Human DesireDeceptive Focus and Activities.
    In this world of social networking, explosive information and multifaceted entertainment, our personal time, focus and energies have been redirected to things that may seem interesting and fun, but are spiritually void. This includes everything from Shopping and Sports, to Cell Phones, Facebook, Texting, E-mail, or to Television and Video Games. Gradually, over time these preoccupations can expand to occupy a place of critical importance in our lives — even to the point of becoming idols. This usually occurs behind a shrewd deception of the enemy, so that most people are unaware that it’s even happening!
  2. Sexual Preoccupation.
    Lust, pornography, masturbation and other habits will be openly discussed. The Internet provides easy access to pornography, and numerous other addictive interests have become easy to practice without exposure. Anyone can be seduced by thousands of websites: men, women, singles and youth. Personal involvement with sensuality can be carefully hidden from others — except the participant, the Lord, and the enemy!
  3. The Solution – This is NOT a shame-based seminar
    It is amazing how few Christians understand the power of KNOWING who we are in Christ and who HE is in us!! We will explore how the enemy has built lie-based thinking and emotional wounding in our lives to disqualify us and to quench and block our ability to form an intimate relationship with Jesus. Most people need help in learning how to tap into the power of God in order to walk away from personal areas of idolatry.

Admittedly, this may not be classified as a “fun” seminar. However, those who “have ears to hear” will come to understand that the Lord desires to release sons and daughters who will perform the “greater works” by the power of the Holy Spirit that Jesus described in John 14:12.

The enemy has used our own brokenness and the distractions of this World to lure our focus away from the Truth.

Only the Holy Spirit can fully expose how we have been derailed from pursuing the destiny and Call of God in our lives. If we examine ourselves, we will discover that other priorities have redirected us and Jesus is sitting in the back seat of our life’s vehicle. May the Spirit of Truth provoke a lasting response from our hearts to change behaviors by His loving grace.

Silence the Lies Choking Your Life

Silence the Lies Choking Your LifeThe most common debilitating lies that the enemy speaks to people to harm, hinder and thwart their lives is presented.

These lies drive negative feelings and behaviors, and are woven deeply within a person’s belief system via a specific demonic curse that is quite powerful. During the teaching, these demonic curses will be disarmed by the power of God

2 hours. Requested minimum honorarium is $250 USD. If desired, the suggested registration could be $10/person and $15/couple.

The information shared has been compiled from numerous deliverance ministry sessions that substantiate how the enemy has worked subtly to camouflage God’s truth by instilling these powerful lies in our minds and hearts. The purpose of the enemy is to quench the Believer’s identity in Christ and to keep them captive in fear, rejection, despair and sin.

At the end of the teaching, we will lead people in a prayer to eliminate the specific demonic curses that built those lies so that they can receive more peace, a quieter mind, and the truth of God’s Word embedded in their hearts, souls, and spirits.