Seminar Topics

Freedom Encounters Founder Ken Thornberg and his wife Sylvia

Since there is a lot of extreme information out there, you could say that the catchword of what we offer is “balance.”  We seek to offer balanced, Bible-based teaching, no matter what topic is being presented, and we make every effort to avoid presenting a course that will be viewed as “just another speaker — just another seminar.”

Everything listed in each Track is divided into modules with a purpose in mind. You will find that most of our teaching is structured in Seminar format.  However if desired, various teaching modules can be selected in order to build a presentation that meets the needs of specific audience participants.  The Lord has led us to develop this modular teaching approach so that we can address unique areas of need, rather than simply offering pre-packaged agendas.

Suggested teaching times can also be modified, particularly if a “modular” seminar or workshop is developed. (Times given relate to English presentation without translation).  Please also note that the teaching time listed for any topic does not include time for breaks and/or worship, which will be added during the event planning stage.

We would be pleased to answer any questions you might have, because it is our desire to teach and share what the Lord deems necessary for your group!

If you are interested in having Freedom Encounters come to your city, please review the “Plan A Seminar” section of our web site for more information on all that is involved.