VOSC Seminar Troubleshooting Guide

This page has been created to help you resolve problems accessing the Victory Over Spiritual Conflict (VOSC) Seminar. Most issues our clients encounter can be easily resolved on their own. We have added this troubleshooting guide to list the most common problems and their solutions, and to explain the process for requesting support.

Prerequisite Viewing Requirements

As stated on the main VOSC page, successful viewing of the online seminar requires that you have certain technology, including the following:

  • Reliable, high-speed/broadband Internet access (such as cable, DSL or satellite).
  • A modern desktop, laptop or Internet-connected wireless device (i.e. tablet)

The Linear Purchasing Process

In order to watch the online, streaming VOSC Seminar successfully you MUST complete each of the following steps in the order listed:

1. Buy

Step 1: Buy a VOSC Membership

On the “Subscribe Now” page there are two different membership options: One for individuals, and one for couples. To purchase a membership:

  1. Decide which one you want (individual or couple).
  2. Read the “Terms & Conditions of Use” page (there’s a link right on that page).
  3. Click on the checkbox acknowledging your agreement to be bound by the Terms & Conditions, then click on the “Buy Now” button for your chosen membership.
  4. Complete the PayPal-powered, e-commerce transaction to pay for your membership. When that has been successfully completed you will see a confirmation/”Thank You” page on PayPal that indicates a successful purchase.

2. Register

Step 2: Complete FreedomEncounters.com Registration

After completing step 1 you will receive an electronic receipt from PayPal in your email inbox confirming the purchase. You will also receive an email from Freedom Encounters with the subject line “Complete your registration.” That email contains a link to finalize the registration process and activate your login to the Freedom Encounters website. During this step you will submit a form that is used to enter your contact information and set up an account on freedomencounters.com. It is at this time that you will create a username and password for your account that will be used to log in and view the pay-per-view content of the seminar. When the form has been submitted you will see a confirmation message.

3. Log In & Watch

Step 3: Log in to the Freedom Encounters Website and Watch the Seminar

Once your registration has been completed you will receive an email from Freedom Encounters with the subject line “Your registration is complete.” That email contains a link to the VOSC seminar content. Click on the link and you will be prompted to log in with the username and password you created in the previous step. After logging in successfully the seminar content will be displayed and you can start watching the sessions in the order listed.



Streaming Video Limitations

Some people mistakenly assume that streaming video services will work just like a DVD or Blue-ray disc, but that is not a realistic expectation. Streaming video services (like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, or the VOSC Online Seminar) begin playing video files WHILE downloading them. What does that mean for you as a consumer, practically speaking? That the video clips will not play continuously from beginning to end without ever stopping. Occasionally they will freeze or pause while “buffering” (catching up to the downloaded portion). You can click on the following link for a more detailed explanation of how video streaming works if you’re interested: ExplainThatStuff article.

The video files in your VOSC membership were recorded in high-definition format to ensure the highest possible quality for our users. Vimeo (the network which hosts and delivers our digital content) automatically determines the speed and quality of your Internet connection, then provides the appropriate video file for your ideal viewing experience. This means that as long as you have high-speed/broadband Internet access the videos should play back just fine for the most part, just like Hulu or any of your other, favorites streaming video services.

The Most Common Problems & Their Solutions

99% of the problems our clients experience with the VOSC seminar are caused by not following the “Linear Purchasing Process” described above. If you can’t watch the videos then your FIRST troubleshooting steps are to go back through that list and make sure you completed each of them in the order listed. If you have made an effort to do that then the problems below may be why you’re having trouble. Click on the problem description below that matches your specific issue to read the related solution.

Problem 1: You never received the 'Complete your Registration' email

If you never received the email then one of two things happened: You aborted the PayPal purchasing process before completing the transaction OR you never saw the email because it got trapped in your “spam” folder. Look in your email program to make sure you received an electronic receipt from PayPal confirming a successful purchase of the VOSC membership. If you got that email but not the second one then look in your spam folder, because it’s most likely there. Once you find the message mark the sender and message as “Not Spam” and all future messages from Freedom Encounters should come through without a problem. We also recommend that you add our email address (thornbergs at freedomencounters dot com) to your “safe senders list” because doing so should prevent your email program from marking messages from us as spam in the first place.

Problem 2: You can't log into the VOSC Content page to view the seminar

If you don’t complete the registration process and create a login for the Freedom Encounters website you will not be able to access the pay-per-view content. If you can’t log into the VOSC Content Page it’s because you haven’t yet registered or you are typing the wrong username or password. Double-check to make sure you received an email from Freedom Encounters with the subject line “Complete your registration” and that you clicked on the link and followed the on-screen instructions. When creating your login to the Freedom Encounters website we recommend that you write it down or save it electronically somewhere safe for future reference and to avoid typos.

Some users have reported difficulties logging in to view the VOSC content immediately after registering with the website. If you experience this issue close your web browser and click on the link included in the email with the subject line “Your registration is complete” and you should be able to log in without any problems.

If you have done all of the above and are still having problems you should clear your web browser cache, close the browser, and then re-open it and try again.

Problem 3: Video playback is really choppy, constantly buffering or not working at all

If you are having difficulty playing the videos at all then it is most likely because your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is having network problems. Subscribers to Verizon’s Internet service have consistently reported problems using streaming media services like Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. It has been such a widespread problem in fact, that the Verizon is pursuing legal action against the media streaming giant Netflix, which places a significant demand on its network. If you use Verizon’s Internet service then the problem probably is not specific to our VOSC seminar, and your best solution would be to consider switching ISPs.

Regardless of which company you use for Internet access, you can try the following things to more specifically diagnose whether or not it is an ISP-related issue, which would cause the symptoms described above:

1. Run a line speed test
These tools are designed to objectively and precisely measure the speed and quality of your connection to the Internet. If you are paying a download speed of 50 Mbps, but the line speed test shows you’re only getting 15 Mbps, for example, then your ISP is over-extended and probably needs to upgrade their network. All ISPs include disclaimers in their service level agreements stating that they cannot “guarantee” download/upload speeds. Running a line speed test on your connection at different times of the day can show widely varying rates of performance. If you consistently are getting slower speeds than you should, however, then it’s worth a phone call to technical support or customer service at your Internet provider to complain.

There are several line speed test tools available, but we recommend the following:

2. Try viewing other streaming media content
If you’re experiencing Internet connectivity problems then it will manifest in other ways than trouble with the VOSC seminar. If you subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or any other streaming video services try using them to see if the same symptoms appear. If so it’s definitely time for the next step in this list.

3. Call your ISP
If the line speed test shows really poor performance, or you can’t watch Netflix then you should contact your ISP. When Internet Service Providers are having network problems that affect a large segment of their customer base they usually record a message stating that there is an outage and they’re working on it. No ISP can ever tell you with any degree of accuracy WHEN the problem will be fixed, but when something like this happens it’s treated as an emergency and they do their best to fix it ASAP.

If you have done all of the preceding troubleshooting steps and are having problems ONLY viewing the VOSC seminar then it may be something on our end. In that instance it would be appropriate to contact us for support.

Requesting Support From the Thornbergs

If you have exactly followed the “Linear Purchasing Process” above AND read through the “Most Common Problems & Their Solutions” to rule out those issues as a possibility then it’s time to ask us for help. Submit the “Contact Us” form and select the third option on the question “How can we help you?” We will get back to you as soon as possible