Teaching Resources Available Through Freedom Encounters

Christian teaching

Church Presentations, Teaching & Seminars

The Lord has blessed us with powerful and instructive revelation that our attendees assure us is quite different from the norm. Our continuing goal is to offer teaching/training content that provides meaningful and practical substance that will help people to grow and to be successful in their Christian walk. When invited to teach at churches, we also enjoy preaching and taking the opportunity to share with youth groups.

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Online Seminars

Here’s your chance to receive powerful and thorough training at home with the flexibility to listen according to your own pace and schedule.  This seminar will enrich your Christian walk and change your personal outlook on just about everything!

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Deliverance Prayer

In addition to teaching deliverance procedures and raising up teams, we also minister deliverance prayer to Pastors and their wives, Therapists, Satanic Ritual Abuse victims, leaders of leaders in the Church, or those with unique problems. While many of these people choose to travel to Boise, Idaho for ministry, we have deliverance teammates in the nations of Australia, Canada, Germany, Holland, Israel, Switzerland, France, and various parts of the United States.

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