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  • SRA Shares Awesome Changes! (Warning: Includes SRA details)

    I grew up in an Indiana town located in the Midwest, and like most of you, in a middle class home with a loving family with a sister and brother, and a slew of pets that romped around our house. And my parents are both still married to each other. Pretty much whatever I wanted […]

  • Sight Returned to Blind SRA Victim After 3 Years

    Her vision is completely restored! It was the most amazing thing!!!! What is really cool, the VA is blown away. Her counselor there is a Christian and is completely and totally excited! In fact, they are going to have all the specialists document her healing through all kinds of tests the next few weeks!!! Her […]

  • SRA Finally Gets Free

    Definitely a must if you want to experience the life changing freedom that Calvary brings! So much ground was reclaimed in my life as a result of the Thornberg type of deliverance ministry. I experienced freedom from a strong addiction to work, constant feelings of anxiety, rejection, restlessness, and un-fulfillment in my walk with the […]

  • SRA is now Pastor with a New Life

    I was flying on my 56th birthday when the Lord quickened this new truth; you are a grown up woman of 56… this is truth. Of course to someone ‘normal’ that is a no-brainer… but to me… I was still struggling with how I looked because I had lost so many years I couldn’t be […]

  • SRA and Her Mom Back to Herself

    She truly was changed from a very hard person, to such a soft person. She never questioned any of the deliverance, but instead went back with the Lord during her session and let God have His perfect way. She was SRA and the Lord totally integrated her before the end of the session. We had […]

  • Another SRA set free!

    It has effectively dismantled demonic structures in my life. There are no words to describe freedom, unless you taste it. V.O.-US, California, T132

  • SRA, only 3 weeks free, Gains Huge Change

    God has clearly told me in a dream I am not to revisit the past, because the devil had a hand in it all and going back can only be dangerous, so I will leave it there. However, I would very much like to share the work God has done, is doing and will continue […]

  • Radical Change for SRA After Multiple Attempts at Healing

    This would happen more often as I grew in Jesus. Whenever I would be in the Anointing, this would happen to me. Now I am not a crazy person and have NEVER been diagnosed as one. I was raised in an upper class neighborhood, and was considered an intelligent and happy person. Soon after I […]

  • Parents Testify of SRA Daughter’s Freedom

    There are still some rough edges, like we all have, but it is a real blessing to see her in action. We can never thank you enough for the way you accepted God’s direction and how God used you to help her. We fully agree with you that before one can walk one has to […]

  • Pastor Released from SRA Captivity by Power of Holy Spirit

    In my life I experienced sexual, emotional, spiritual, and mental abuse. I was a product of two drug addicted, abusive alcoholics. My father spent the nine months of my mother being pregnant with me beating her and trying to kill me. This was just the beginning of a life that was destructive and hate filled. […]