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  • Pastor Released from SRA Captivity by Power of Holy Spirit

    In my life I experienced sexual, emotional, spiritual, and mental abuse. I was a product of two drug addicted, abusive alcoholics. My father spent the nine months of my mother being pregnant with me beating her and trying to kill me. This was just the beginning of a life that was destructive and hate filled. […]

  • Free From Sexual Abuse

    My sister said she had never seen me better. Years of sexual abuse no longer have power over me. A.C., New Brunswick, Canada T129

  • Intercessor Gains Self-Esteem: Enemy’s Plans in Detail Exposed

    My whole life has been a continual battle with low self-esteem. It stemmed from sexual and verbal abuse as a child and the enemy speaking daily, without my knowing it, these self propagating curses: (I’m not as good as others; I’ll never go forward like I want to and I will always be hindered with […]

  • New Deliverance Minister Awed by God’s Power

    I had never seen such beauty until I saw a young woman who had been sexually abused healed before my eyes.  Talking to her after the ministry and watching her Alters get integrated was more beautiful than I can describe.Seeing a man set free from feeling and dressing like a woman, because his Alter knew […]