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  • Peace and Calm in Mind and Soul, Seeing God Reigning

    Before my deliverance, my mind did not know rest, and it did not know peace. Often times, it felt like thoughts were slamming around inside my head like dozens of racquetballs. It took all I had just to exist from moment to moment. I had to focus so hard on just the basics of functioning, […]

  • Smoking and Addictions Have Left

    I was also freed from all anger and resentment towards my husband and he noticed a very evident change. My mind is very quiet now and I am at total peace with God, my family, and myself. Glory be to God. J.M., New Brunswick, Canada, T134

  • Now the Husband’s Story of Miracles

    In the past I was almost hit by a train, and another time driving my car on dry pavement and hitting ice and spinning 3 circles, I didn’t even roll. Still another time I almost got hit by a semi-truck (without the trailer). On July 4th of 1983 I almost drowned in Lake Okoboji- one […]

  • Victory from King Jesus Christ

    Other people told me to go talk about it with one of the King’s counselors. Some said to take medication. Some told me to pray more and read my Bible more. Some told me it was all a part of “renewing my mind,” and that I just needed to keep going. After many years, the […]