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  • Sight Returned to Blind SRA Victim After 3 Years

    Her vision is completely restored! It was the most amazing thing!!!! What is really cool, the VA is blown away. Her counselor there is a Christian and is completely and totally excited! In fact, they are going to have all the specialists document her healing through all kinds of tests the next few weeks!!! Her […]

  • Why Would Anyone NOT Do This?

    All in all, I consider it a positive, helpful encounter with the Lord. I noticed several outward physical manifestations that resulted from the ministry I received. I had a small lump under my right arm for years, and I noticed sometime after my Freedom Encounter that it had disappeared. The mole in front of my […]

  • Ukranians’ Ministry Restored and so much more

    Sometimes too loud, but it is good. Peace is huge! All my audio tapes–old preaching– are totally new! Like I never heard them before! Something has happened with my hearing for sure! I am sorry but I am still drunk (in the Spirit) and lost in Jesus! Now it is over a week already. I […]

  • Children Are Changed!

    My son… age 15 was 25th out of 26 in his class rank. You can believe I was putting much pressure in prayer over the years. He also had ADHD and scoliosis and misaligned teeth as well. This was because his jaw was also crooked from the scoliosis. I have been standing with him that […]

  • Couple Renders Praise For Deliverance Prayer

    It was a very pleasant, stress-free experience. Going back with Jesus was fun for me as He and I watched a football game together, I enjoy sports, and Judy was standing at the side of a courtroom watching the proceedings. Judy and I had encountered tremendous spiritual warfare prior to our deliverance prayer, so when […]

  • From Type B to Type A

    I still fight a lifetime of bad habits, and lack of social skills from avoiding people, but God is helping me catch up fast. I now believe that He has called me to an outreach ministry which seemed impossible before. I must stay in the battle though to continue to make progress. Much warfare, but […]

  • “Mysterious Disease” Miraculously Overcome

    When he saw his own doctor, he sent Nick back to the hospital to be admitted for an emergency MRI, because all of Nick’s symptoms pointed to brain cancer. He was put through an hour of MRI testing, and the results showed no tumors or cancer in his brain. All was clear. The next day […]

  • Free at Last, Healed, Pain Free!

    The first container was my former life, in the center was brokenness all around my brokenness was: anger, hate, bitterness, rage, impure thoughts, shame, guilt, people pleasing, manipulation, inferiority, gluttony, and gossip. I turned the page in my journal and drew a new container; one that contained the deepest desire of my heart. In the […]