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  • Dutch Pastor Testifies of Results

    We cried to God and He sent Ken and Sylvia Thornberg and Freedom Encounters ministry on our path. Through them, God gave us keys to go on, and we are blessed, grateful and amazed at the often powerful results. We love Ken and Sylvia dearly. Pastor JS Pasterkamp, Netherlands T119

  • SRA is now Pastor with a New Life

    I was flying on my 56th birthday when the Lord quickened this new truth; you are a grown up woman of 56… this is truth. Of course to someone ‘normal’ that is a no-brainer… but to me… I was still struggling with how I looked because I had lost so many years I couldn’t be […]

  • Pastor Released from SRA Captivity by Power of Holy Spirit

    In my life I experienced sexual, emotional, spiritual, and mental abuse. I was a product of two drug addicted, abusive alcoholics. My father spent the nine months of my mother being pregnant with me beating her and trying to kill me. This was just the beginning of a life that was destructive and hate filled. […]

  • Ukranians’ Ministry Restored and so much more

    Sometimes too loud, but it is good. Peace is huge! All my audio tapes–old preaching– are totally new! Like I never heard them before! Something has happened with my hearing for sure! I am sorry but I am still drunk (in the Spirit) and lost in Jesus! Now it is over a week already. I […]

  • Pastor Confirms Ease of Deliverance Session

    The process was very respectful and gentle, yet powerful. And there were many things that were encouraging that were revealed through the process. Some of these things confirmed things I already knew and others were things that were new that I had not heard before (things in the storeroom), and about the call of God. […]

  • Pastor’s Wife Set Free, Able to Face Rejection

    The most noticeable is the fear and the feeling that I have done something wrong is totally gone. Being a pastor’s wife is not an easy thing. Wives tend to carry burdens and take on offenses directed at our spouses. We always hear “don’t take this personally” but how can we not. We take things […]

  • Pastor Obtains New Freedom

    I am not certain exactly what happened to me during the deliverance. All that I know is that I was very close to Jesus during that time and that my life hasn’t been quite the same since that time. I am thankful for the ministry of Ken and Sylvia. I have seen many others being […]