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  • We’re a Miracle!

    If it hadn’t been for the revelation that the Lord has given you regarding the need to minister to Alters, we would definitely be another statistic of a failed marriage.  Instead, we have renewed our marriage vows before family and friends! Praise God for leading us your way!!!  We give Him all the glory and […]

  • SRA Shares Awesome Changes! (Warning: Includes SRA details)

    I grew up in an Indiana town located in the Midwest, and like most of you, in a middle class home with a loving family with a sister and brother, and a slew of pets that romped around our house. And my parents are both still married to each other. Pretty much whatever I wanted […]

  • Team Leader Testifies of Growth

    We’ve come out of the year, more in love with God and each other than we ever thought would be possible… also in a more unified, cohesive group than we thought we’d see….all good stuff!!! Each person there has been working hard, praying harder, and seeking to walk in all that God has for them […]

  • Why Would Anyone NOT Do This?

    All in all, I consider it a positive, helpful encounter with the Lord. I noticed several outward physical manifestations that resulted from the ministry I received. I had a small lump under my right arm for years, and I noticed sometime after my Freedom Encounter that it had disappeared. The mole in front of my […]

  • Couple Renders Praise For Deliverance Prayer

    It was a very pleasant, stress-free experience. Going back with Jesus was fun for me as He and I watched a football game together, I enjoy sports, and Judy was standing at the side of a courtroom watching the proceedings. Judy and I had encountered tremendous spiritual warfare prior to our deliverance prayer, so when […]

  • Smoking and Addictions Have Left

    I was also freed from all anger and resentment towards my husband and he noticed a very evident change. My mind is very quiet now and I am at total peace with God, my family, and myself. Glory be to God. J.M., New Brunswick, Canada, T134

  • Marriage Healed!

    She shares her testimony elsewhere. During Juli’s deliverance prayer, I sat in to scribe. In the process of her deliverance, something was revealed that for over 22 years in our marriage had been a struggle. Issues of shame, control, fear, hate surfaced. These issues were found to be a ploy the enemy used for over […]

  • Life Transformed

    I had suffered from depression all my life. It began when I had an experience with a demonic being as a small child. I used anger to mask and cope with the depression. Within a few days of the deliverance the depression and anger were gone. I had been so filled with fear and anxiety […]

  • Couple Remarried after Deliverance

    She was so dramatically healed that she then brought their three daughters for freedom. Then, her husband went to Ohio with his pastor to receive deliverance prayer and aftercare from Dr. David.  Her husband was set free from porn addiction that had provoked their marriage separation. Today I received this notice pasted on my Facebook: […]