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  • Team Leader Testifies of Growth

    We’ve come out of the year, more in love with God and each other than we ever thought would be possible… also in a more unified, cohesive group than we thought we’d see….all good stuff!!! Each person there has been working hard, praying harder, and seeking to walk in all that God has for them […]

  • God Intervened and My Deception is Gone

    I believe the Lord led me to this point in my walk. I gave up trying to put my understanding of God in a box, safe and sound, and started to realize the vastness of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. I went through a deliverance on June 1, 2002 and I am still […]

  • Mother & Daughter Set Free in Costa Rica

    I had my D-day in July as well.  I am now a Shalom woman!  For many years I was in captivity, my deliverance prayer and after care released me to walk on the Lord’s Word and rest in Him.  He gives me the riches of His Kingdom in a land of promises.  Lies replaced with […]