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  • SRA and Her Mom Back to Herself

    She truly was changed from a very hard person, to such a soft person. She never questioned any of the deliverance, but instead went back with the Lord during her session and let God have His perfect way. She was SRA and the Lord totally integrated her before the end of the session. We had […]

  • SRA, only 3 weeks free, Gains Huge Change

    God has clearly told me in a dream I am not to revisit the past, because the devil had a hand in it all and going back can only be dangerous, so I will leave it there. However, I would very much like to share the work God has done, is doing and will continue […]

  • Free and NOT Bi-Polar!

    My sisters and I never knew in what mood they’ll be coming home, and my Mom many times didn’t even show up. She went missing for weeks and her behavior was totally out of control most of the time.  By age 8 I was adopted by 2 great parents, but before being adopted I spent […]

  • Multiple Changes in Swiss Woman’s Life

    Before I felt no taste of living…I gained some appetite and I am more balanced–before it was either no appetite or eating too much! I feel much less guilt in my life, for before I felt guilty all the time…now I feel the right of living. In the inner healing process I have started to […]

  • Generational Bondages & Lies Disappear

    I couldn’t understand why. Eventually, God led me to the ministry of Ken Thornberg. By the power of the Holy Spirit, God mercifully, quietly and quickly delivered and healed me through Ken’s effective ministry. I now live in the freedom, health and victory for which our Lord Jesus Christ suffered, bled, died and rose from […]

  • Goodbye Depression!

    Just like when I wasn’t a real Christian I wasn’t good enough. Fear controlled me. I’d been in a depression since I was a small child and was becoming suicidal. As a middle-aged adult I was suicidal and was admitted to the hospital. Eventually being released I began to see a counselor and take medication. […]

  • Free at Last, Healed, Pain Free!

    The first container was my former life, in the center was brokenness all around my brokenness was: anger, hate, bitterness, rage, impure thoughts, shame, guilt, people pleasing, manipulation, inferiority, gluttony, and gossip. I turned the page in my journal and drew a new container; one that contained the deepest desire of my heart. In the […]