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  • True Identity Discovered

    I am His joint heir, His servant, and His soldier in His service. I report to him. Therefore, I know that I receive my “orders” from him to do His will and not mine. Most important, His name is to be used not for my glory or my needs per se, but only for His […]

  • Multiple Changes in Swiss Woman’s Life

    Before I felt no taste of living…I gained some appetite and I am more balanced–before it was either no appetite or eating too much! I feel much less guilt in my life, for before I felt guilty all the time…now I feel the right of living. In the inner healing process I have started to […]

  • Couple Renders Praise For Deliverance Prayer

    It was a very pleasant, stress-free experience. Going back with Jesus was fun for me as He and I watched a football game together, I enjoy sports, and Judy was standing at the side of a courtroom watching the proceedings. Judy and I had encountered tremendous spiritual warfare prior to our deliverance prayer, so when […]