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  • Support for Freedom Encounters Ministry

    God has given you two specific instructions on how to do the ministry and how to train for the ministry. Other people may think they know about it, but they do not. Do not let other people influence and try to override what The Father has told the two of you. He is the master […]

  • Why Would Anyone NOT Do This?

    All in all, I consider it a positive, helpful encounter with the Lord. I noticed several outward physical manifestations that resulted from the ministry I received. I had a small lump under my right arm for years, and I noticed sometime after my Freedom Encounter that it had disappeared. The mole in front of my […]

  • She Learned Her Authority in Christ and Wants to Encourage You to Get Prayer

    Basically, that has been my result. Living in a world of doubts and lies, I found it hard to hear His voice and know His call and direction. For years, I wandered, seemingly in circles. This deliverance cut the circle and set the path straight. It was the most unique experience I have ever had […]