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  • SRA Victim Shares Her Story

    Having been diagnosed as Multiple Personality Disorder in my early teens; I lived a lifestyle that was disorderly, corrupted and out of control. I came from a past filled with sexual, verbal and physical abuse that caused much havoc inwardly as well as outwardly, having been sexually abused at a tender age of one. I […]

  • Goodbye Depression!

    Just like when I wasn’t a real Christian I wasn’t good enough. Fear controlled me. I’d been in a depression since I was a small child and was becoming suicidal. As a middle-aged adult I was suicidal and was admitted to the hospital. Eventually being released I began to see a counselor and take medication. […]

  • Pastor’s Wife Set Free, Able to Face Rejection

    The most noticeable is the fear and the feeling that I have done something wrong is totally gone. Being a pastor’s wife is not an easy thing. Wives tend to carry burdens and take on offenses directed at our spouses. We always hear “don’t take this personally” but how can we not. We take things […]

  • Marriage Healed!

    She shares her testimony elsewhere. During Juli’s deliverance prayer, I sat in to scribe. In the process of her deliverance, something was revealed that for over 22 years in our marriage had been a struggle. Issues of shame, control, fear, hate surfaced. These issues were found to be a ploy the enemy used for over […]

  • Life Transformed

    I had suffered from depression all my life. It began when I had an experience with a demonic being as a small child. I used anger to mask and cope with the depression. Within a few days of the deliverance the depression and anger were gone. I had been so filled with fear and anxiety […]

  • New Deliverance Minister Awed by God’s Power

    I had never seen such beauty until I saw a young woman who had been sexually abused healed before my eyes.  Talking to her after the ministry and watching her Alters get integrated was more beautiful than I can describe.Seeing a man set free from feeling and dressing like a woman, because his Alter knew […]

  • Deliverance Was Life-Changing For Woman

    Jesus has shown me this world is temporary, I no longer have fear of death or fear of dying, I am excited to be alive because I know it is the life God has given me for a purpose! Before Deliverance, I would be filled with fear when people spoke of Heaven. I’ve been terrified […]

  • Contractor Set Free from Panic

    Although I’ve always had mild hemorrhoids, during the Christmas they flared up to a point where the pain was indescribable. Time to see a doctor and find out what’s going on. It was decided that I needed to talk to a surgeon right after the holidays and so I did with the verdict being surgery […]

  • Prayer Defeats Fear of Flying and Heights

    I’ve been doing well with no emotional fear about flying the last few times but my body still had anxiety symptoms.  Normally this would be TMI but I’ll share it because I think it’s helpful. The manifestations were things like nausea and internal tremors and having to run to the bathroom many times before and […]