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  • SRA Shares Awesome Changes! (Warning: Includes SRA details)

    I grew up in an Indiana town located in the Midwest, and like most of you, in a middle class home with a loving family with a sister and brother, and a slew of pets that romped around our house. And my parents are both still married to each other. Pretty much whatever I wanted […]

  • Radical Change for SRA After Multiple Attempts at Healing

    This would happen more often as I grew in Jesus. Whenever I would be in the Anointing, this would happen to me. Now I am not a crazy person and have NEVER been diagnosed as one. I was raised in an upper class neighborhood, and was considered an intelligent and happy person. Soon after I […]

  • Free and NOT Bi-Polar!

    My sisters and I never knew in what mood they’ll be coming home, and my Mom many times didn’t even show up. She went missing for weeks and her behavior was totally out of control most of the time.  By age 8 I was adopted by 2 great parents, but before being adopted I spent […]

  • SRA Walking in True Victory

    I was a breeder, Bride of Satan, and you name it, and I was forced to do it.  I lived in a cage the first 5 years of my life in a basement, and the only time I was allowed out was for prostitution or pornography or some other kind of torture.  But King Jesus […]

  • Why Would Anyone NOT Do This?

    All in all, I consider it a positive, helpful encounter with the Lord. I noticed several outward physical manifestations that resulted from the ministry I received. I had a small lump under my right arm for years, and I noticed sometime after my Freedom Encounter that it had disappeared. The mole in front of my […]

  • Multiple Changes in Swiss Woman’s Life

    Before I felt no taste of living…I gained some appetite and I am more balanced–before it was either no appetite or eating too much! I feel much less guilt in my life, for before I felt guilty all the time…now I feel the right of living. In the inner healing process I have started to […]

  • Children Are Changed!

    My son… age 15 was 25th out of 26 in his class rank. You can believe I was putting much pressure in prayer over the years. He also had ADHD and scoliosis and misaligned teeth as well. This was because his jaw was also crooked from the scoliosis. I have been standing with him that […]

  • Experienced Living God During Prayer Time

    I’m not quick to anger any longer. My son’s life has done a turnaround and we have a great relationship again. My prayer life has escalated tremendously and I continue to study the material you gave me after my deliverance. L.G., T151