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  • Smoking and Addictions Have Left

    I was also freed from all anger and resentment towards my husband and he noticed a very evident change. My mind is very quiet now and I am at total peace with God, my family, and myself. Glory be to God. J.M., New Brunswick, Canada, T134

  • Experienced Living God During Prayer Time

    I’m not quick to anger any longer. My son’s life has done a turnaround and we have a great relationship again. My prayer life has escalated tremendously and I continue to study the material you gave me after my deliverance. L.G., T151

  • Life Transformed

    I had suffered from depression all my life. It began when I had an experience with a demonic being as a small child. I used anger to mask and cope with the depression. Within a few days of the deliverance the depression and anger were gone. I had been so filled with fear and anxiety […]

  • Victory from King Jesus Christ

    Other people told me to go talk about it with one of the King’s counselors. Some said to take medication. Some told me to pray more and read my Bible more. Some told me it was all a part of “renewing my mind,” and that I just needed to keep going. After many years, the […]