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  • We’re a Miracle!

    If it hadn’t been for the revelation that the Lord has given you regarding the need to minister to Alters, we would definitely be another statistic of a failed marriage.  Instead, we have renewed our marriage vows before family and friends! Praise God for leading us your way!!!  We give Him all the glory and […]

  • SRA Victim Shares Her Story

    Having been diagnosed as Multiple Personality Disorder in my early teens; I lived a lifestyle that was disorderly, corrupted and out of control. I came from a past filled with sexual, verbal and physical abuse that caused much havoc inwardly as well as outwardly, having been sexually abused at a tender age of one. I […]

  • SRA Shares Awesome Changes! (Warning: Includes SRA details)

    I grew up in an Indiana town located in the Midwest, and like most of you, in a middle class home with a loving family with a sister and brother, and a slew of pets that romped around our house. And my parents are both still married to each other. Pretty much whatever I wanted […]

  • Radical Change for SRA After Multiple Attempts at Healing

    This would happen more often as I grew in Jesus. Whenever I would be in the Anointing, this would happen to me. Now I am not a crazy person and have NEVER been diagnosed as one. I was raised in an upper class neighborhood, and was considered an intelligent and happy person. Soon after I […]

  • Testimony of a Deaf Alter

    With permission from our client we are pleased to share part of her testimony with you. A woman from Oregon who was a severe SRA victim come to us for ministry. We prayed with her and she went home praising the Lord with wonderful results. A few weeks later she had something happen that really […]

  • Freedom for an Entire Family!

    We stopped to facilitate a ministry session in Mo on our way to Florida to a family with two grown sons with schizophrenia.  I shared about the healing involving the one son in that area with you before.  7 of their 11 children were also severe victims of Satanic Ritual abuse. (3 children were their […]

  • New Deliverance Minister Awed by God’s Power

    I had never seen such beauty until I saw a young woman who had been sexually abused healed before my eyes.  Talking to her after the ministry and watching her Alters get integrated was more beautiful than I can describe.Seeing a man set free from feeling and dressing like a woman, because his Alter knew […]