SRA is now Pastor with a New Life

I was flying on my 56th birthday when the Lord quickened this new truth; you are a grown up woman of 56… this is truth. Of course to someone ‘normal’ that is a no-brainer… but to me… I was still struggling with how I looked because I had lost so many years I couldn’t be 56 and I had shame at how I looked, wrinkles and gray hair etc. I felt convicted to stop dying my hair and trying to be young. I feel so free and actually think I am beautiful (well at least acceptable). I don’t know if I am conveying what I felt and the freedom it brought me.

Thank you for this written material and I pray that others will receive the truth…our identity is not in the SRA or even the deliverance, but Christ who set us free…and He does have a future, and a future that is GOOD for us, if we are willing to be who He says we are, not who we think we are…but who He declares in the Heavens that we are. Some people are so stuck, as they still need others to know the details of their abuse. I don’t care about the details…the truth is–Satan tried to destroy me BUT God never left me and didn’t allow the destruction and He has redeemed the lost days. I love me in Him so much; His chosen one

W., South Dakota, T148